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The Top 7 Cutest Anime Songs

Anime theme songs can make or break your show. The opening theme has to be catchy and upbeat while the ending is usually more mellow.

Kawaii Characters

The Top 10 Cutest Fairy-Type Pokemon

As part of the eighteen Pokemon types, the fairy-type was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y games as a part of Generation VI. They’re

Kawaii Characters

The Top 10 Cutest Rock-Type Pokemon

As part of the original starter Pokémon, rock type pokemon were first introduced in Pokemon Red Blue. There are 76 different rock type pokémon. These

Kawaii Characters

The Top 10 Cutest Poison-Type Pokemon

When you think cute your mind doesn't automatically jump to poison-type Pokémon. Most people picture grass type or water-type Pokémon, those adorable starter Pokémon that


8 Cute Anime Couples We Love to Love!

People watch anime for so many reasons. It’s exciting, transports you to a different world and you can even learn something educational. Past all the