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8 Cute Anime Couples We Love to Love!

By Jamilia Brown
May 07, 2021

People watch anime for so many reasons. It’s exciting, transports you to a different world and you can even learn something educational. Past all the great fight scenes and filler episodes the one thing that keeps us all on the edge are the cute anime couples. The “will they, won’t they” dynamics keeps viewers locked in and gives all something to root for. Even after the harshest battles love seems to make everything okay, and the hardest sacrifices worth it. Come fall in love with some of the cutest anime couples on TV.

Naruto and Hinata – Naruto

Fanart by @adicoon

Naruto might be a shounen anime but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little romance. Despite all the silly jokes, and tragic events, the show is filled with unforgettable moments that bond the shinobi. Naruto and Hinata grew up together in the village of the leaves, fighting for the same cause. Although Hinata experienced love at first sight, Naruto’s one track mind made it nearly impossible for a deep relationship to blossom. Thankfully Hinata isn’t as timid as they may seem. After so many years of standing on the sideline, Hinata mustered up the courage to confess her love to Naruto! Her bravery and determination is just one of the many reasons why fans worldwide can’t help but cheer on this couple.

Kyou and Tooru – Fruits Basket 

Fanart by @samairu

Every girl has loved at least one “badboy” in there lives. He’s handsome, strong, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. That is until he falls in love. Kyou is the 16 year old troublemaker of the Souma family. He’s angsty and everyone does their best to stay away from him except for Tooru. As Tooru manages to get close to the Souma family they both eventually realize their feelings for each other and well there goes the badboy element. Although their relationship starts slow at first without either knowing their feelings for each other, the eventual growth of their relationship will surely fill your heart with warmth.

Misaki and Takumi – Kaichou wa Maid-Sama

Fanart by @deathrich

Romance anime come and go but Kaichou wa Maid-Sama has remained in the heart of love fanatics for over 10 years. This romance anime flips the love trope on its head by having the boy Takumi pin for the girl Misaki. Misaki is strong, smart and has a strong dislike for boys. Because her family is poor she moonlights as a maid in a cafe after school. Takumi eventually finds out her secret but decides to not tell anyone. As the two begin to trust each other more as they start to fall in love.

Mikasa and Eren – Attack on Titan

Fanart by @piccleficcle

Attack on Titan has made a huge impact in the anime industry over the past few years. The show’s main characters Mikasa and Eren are childhood friends who join the military to fight titans together. Mikasa often has trouble expressing herself but she’s determined to keep Eren safe. Eren has his sights on defeating the titans but often lags behind his teammates in skill and tactics. In the beginning, their relationship is more like a mother and child but throughout the series, they begin to grow passionate emotions for each other. Attack on Titan might be the furthest thing away from a romance anime but there’s nothing more romantic than being saved from being eaten by a titan.

Kirito and Asuna – Sword Art Online

Fanart by @jonatking

Reality is twisted into something like never before as the main protagonists find themselves sucked into a huge computer game. Kirito and Asuna are both excellent gamers, and think of nothing but beating the game. As their time in this alternate reality continues on the two begin to grow close to each other and start to think about protecting each other. Despite the huge odds stacked against them, they learn to think about more than their own success and fall in love.

Inuyasha and Kagome – Inuyasha 

Fanart @mario162

Inuyasha shows us that true love can transcend across lifespans. The main character, Kagome, falls into a magical well that transports her back in time to Feudal Japan. There she frees a half-demon Inuyasha who was sealed to a tree by his past love Kikyo. Inuyasha constantly struggles between his feelings for Kikyo and Kagome who is in fact Kikiyo’s future reincarnation. As the show progresses Inuyasha eventually calms his inner demon and grows a deep relationship with Kagome. They grow to truly care for each other and want to protect each other at all costs.

Winry and Edward – Fullmetal Alchemist 

Fanart by @yleyn

Fullmetal alchemist doesn’t appear to have a love story on the surface but as the story progresses anime fans will begin to see the relationship between Winry and Edward slowly blossom. They’ve been friends since childhood and Ed lost his limbs, it was Winry who built his mechanic arms and legs. Although Winry’s feelings for Ed grew quickly, it took him a long time to realize how much she means to him. Despite all the hardships they each face, watching their relationship will teach you that love is still possible even in the most adverse of situations.

Haruhi and Tamaki – Ouran Highschool Host Club 

Fanart by @sunshineikimaru

Ouran Highschool Host Club has remained a fan favorite anime for over 20 years! It all starts with Haruhi and Tamaki’s cute relationship. Haruhi is a clever, and studious girl gains entrance to the illustrious Ouran High School, even though she’s much poorer than most of the students there. While at the school she cuts her hair to focus more on her studies and reduce any distractions from being successful. Tamaki initially assumes Haruhi is just a strange boy but eventually realizes that she’s a girl underneath all her baggy clothes. He rapidly starts to fall in love with her. The couple faces a whirlwind of misunderstandings, until the end when they realize they’re perfect for each other. Haruhi as a down-to-earth girl balancing Tamaki’s overconfidence, they make one of the best anime couples.

Anime isn’t all about the giant mecha fights and fun filler episodes. Any real anime fan knows what really pushes the storyline along are the relationships formed between the characters. This was our list on the cutest anime couples out there. How did we do? Are there any other couples that deserve to be on that list? Leave a comment below.

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