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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogWhat is Gudetama? 10 Surprising Facts about Sanrio’s Apathetic Egg Character

What is Gudetama? 10 Surprising Facts about Sanrio’s Apathetic Egg Character

By Jamilia Brown
June 22, 2021

You might've seen a yellow bean-shaped character laying on a white blanket on lunchboxes, pencils, and t-shirts. It’s small and always looks exhausted. It’s actually a very popular Sanrio character named Gudetama!

It might be difficult to tell, but it’s actually an egg. Its lack of energy gives the impression of something lazy. Its personality is apathetic and unconventional but that’s a huge part of this idle egg’s appeal. It may seem a bit strange that a lazy egg could inspire worldwide adoration but when we consider Gudetama’s overall charm, you’ll start to realize that Gudetama challenges us to reconsider what is cute. So to celebrate this charming character’s existence here are 10 facts you didn’t know about Gudetama!

10. Gudetama means Lazy Egg 

I’m sure you would've guessed Gudetama’s name is Japanese but do you know what it means? The name Gudetama comes from the Japanese phrase, “gude gudeグデグデ which means lazy, and “tamago'' たまご which means egg. So its name translates to English as lazy egg ぐでたま. The phrase “gude gude'' is a bit more than laziness, it more closely means not being able to do anything hence Gudetama’s lack of energy and generally anguished disposition. 

9. Gudetama’s Design Came in Second Place for the Sanrio Food Competition 

Originally created in 2013 by Sanrio designer AMY (Nagashima Emi) and was entered in Sanrio’s food-based competition. Unfortunately the egg character came in second place to Kirimi-chan the cute salmon character. But that hasn’t stopped his popularity. Since then Gudetama has gained more fans and has a higher market value compared to its competition.   

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8. Gudetama Has No Gender 

According to Gudetama’s designer, the character is an unfertilized egg. Therefore it has no gender. That’s so progressive!

7. There’s a Gudetama Animated Series 

Sanrio characters aren’t complete without an animated series to go along with them and Gudetama is no exception. The animated series Gudetama~Muhou Chitai De Jiyuu no Fujiyuu (Freedom is Also Inconvenient in the Lawless Area) debuted on YouTube in January 2021. Although the voice-over is in Japanese there are English subtitles available for an international audience.

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6. You Can Follow Gudetama on Twitter

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to talk to Gudetama, you’ll be able to at least try on Twitter. The Gudetama Twitter account has one million followers from all over the world. Gudetama often tweets things showing its daily struggles to find the will to move or simply replying to its other fellow Sanrio friends. 

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5. Gudetama Represents Depression and Apathy 

The designer AMY has stated that the design of Gudetama was inspired by an egg she was cooking. The way the yolk slowly ran out of its shell and simply laid there reminded her of the way young people feel today—often tired and lazy towards life. Thus, Gudetama is constantly being lazy and lacking in energy to do anything. 

4. Gudetama is Considered “Kimo-Kawaii”

The Sanrio characters are well known for their kawaii cute appearance but Gudetama isn’t seen as traditionally cute. Instead, Gudetama is known as kimo-kawaii which roughly translates as grotesque cuteness. The appeal of Gudetama is more in the relatability of its depressed and lazy manner. 

3. Gudetama Themed Cafes

There are many Sanrio character cafes around the world but of course since Gudetama is an egg character it would inspire some truly delectable dishes. There are many Gudetama themed restaurants and dishes popping up in Japan and around the world. So be sure to stay on the lookout for a chance to try one of its many delicious menu offerings. 

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2. There’s a Sidekick

Gudetama’s friend is named Nisetama-san. Nise is the Japanese word for fake so this character’s name translates to “Fake Egg”. This character spends so much time with Gudetama that he starts to dream of becoming Gudetama. Unlike Gudetama he’s usually seen with a happy disposition. 

1. Gudetama Has Their Own Video Game 

Now available on iOS and Android, the game Gudetama Tap allows players to make this apathetic egg into delicious meals like Egg Yakisoba and Sukiyaki. To make the meals you must collect GP from performing various activities or by tapping Gudetama themselves. While it might not be fun to continuously tap at Gudetama it does make cute little “ohh'' noises. 

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Hopefully, this article helped you understand a bit more about why Gudetama is so beloved throughout Japan. Although it’s not traditionally cute, many Japanese people and fans abroad as well can relate to its apathetic and tired nature making it one of the best-loved Sanrio characters today. Did you learn something about Gudetama? Did you recently become a fan of this cute character? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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