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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogThe Top 10 Cutest Fairy-Type Pokemon

The Top 10 Cutest Fairy-Type Pokemon

By Jamilia Brown
July 29, 2021

As part of the eighteen Pokemon types, the fairy-type was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y games as a part of Generation VI. They’re mystical, often pink, and always cute! They’re resistant to dragon and dark types while remaining weak against steel and poison types.

Many of these cute fairy-type Pokemon have mysterious origins and supernatural attacks, such as Moonblast and Spirit Break. They can be extremely powerful and have the highest special defense stat out of all the Pokemon types. There are only 48 fairy-type Pokemon in the Pokedex—18 are pure fairy-types and 30 are secondary fairy-types (fairy-type and another element).

Among fans, fairy type Pokemon are known for being incredibly adorable, so we made a list of what we think are the top ten cutest fairy Pokemon!

A Sylveon and a Pikachu cardboard cut-out at an event in front of many people.

Image via Shutterstock


Marill was first introduced to fans in generation II and is a water fairy-type Pokemon.The Pokemon is a perfect mix between a mouse and beach ball. Marill first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver.It has a round body, small ears, stubby arms, and a small blue ball attached to its tail. Marill’s tail contains oil which it uses to float while in the water.

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It’s hard not to fall in love with Ribombee’s large eyes and tiny smile. Ribombee made its first appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon and is a bug fairy-type. It makes puffs of pollen and nectar that can be used for both food and battles in the game.

They also have the power to predict the weather and understand the feelings of people and Pokemon. While it is a fairy-type, it’s primary classification is bug, which gives it maneuvers that include Bug Buzz and Quiver Dance. This makes it cutest bug-type Pokemon as well as a great addition to your team.


With its egg shape and childlike demeanor, you can’t miss the appeal of Togepi. Since its debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Togepi has been known for its small stature, charming laugh, and unbelievably cute cry.

Togepi is a normal fairy-type Pokemon and is primarily seen in the Pokemon anime as gym leader Misty’s companion. In the lore of the game, Togepi is believed to be a symbol of good luck. Some of its fairy type moves include Charm and Serene Grace.


Jigglypuff is known as the trickster Pokemon with a sweet voice. It’s a normal fairy-type Pokemon and is a part of the original Generation I games. It has large, pink eyes and a balloon-like body, making it extremely adorable.

In the anime, Jigglypuff often sings to anyone who will listen, but its magical voice makes all listeners fall asleep. They even use this ability in the Smash Bros. series to hilarious effect. Some of its fairy-type moves are Cute Charm and Disarming Voice.

A person catching a Jigglypuff while playing pokemon go

Image via Shutterstock


If a Pokemon resembles a cat, it’s almost guaranteed to be cute. As one of Eevee’s eight possible evolutions, Sylveon is arguably the cutest and classiest evolution. It has a white body with pink, blue, and purple pastel accents and two adorable bows.

It’s movements are as graceful as its appearance as it moves almost weightlessly with every step. By nature, Slyveon is very gentle and kind, so it uses its charm to its advantage while fighting. It can be a useful teammate with moves like Moonblast, Last Resort and Play Rough.


Diancie is a distinctly feminine fairy-like creature with a gray, rocky body embedded with bright pink crystals and gemstones. This mythical Pokemon is actually the result of a mutated Carbink. Diancie wears a white cloak with white sleeves, making it look quite angelic. Also, it can double as an extremely cute rock-type Pokemon for your team, since it is a rock fairy-type.

Interestingly, Diancie is able to create diamonds by compressing the carbon in the atmosphere. Gen VI’s mythical creature, Diancie, is one of the strongest fairy-type Pokemon in the series. It has the highest defense base stat of any fairy-type and a matching special defense base stat.

Alolan Ninetales

Fans have mixed feelings about the Alolan designs in the Sun and Moon games. However, Ninetails is often considered the best design of the game. Of course, the original Ninetails design was an homage to the traditional Japanese mythological kitsune (red fox), and is a fire type as a result.

However, the new Alolan form resembles something from a medieval fairytale and is one of the cutest ice type Pokemon while still being a fairy-type. Its icy white coat plays into its new ice-type abilities as well.

Image via Shutterstock


Gardevoir was introduced to fans in Generation III in the Ruby and Sapphire games. Wearing a long, flowing white gown completely covering its legs, it always appears to be floating. It’s famous for its loyalty and will sacrifice itself for its trainer’s sake. It’s also able to sense the feelings and emotions of Pokemon and people.

Being a powerful psychic fairy-type, one of its main abilities is precognition which allows it to see the future. Gardevoir is a perfect addition to your team, with special moves like Psychic, Draining Kiss, and Future Sight.


Alcremie is one of the newest Pokemon of the Galar region that debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield. When people think of cute their minds often revolve around baby animals, pastel colors, adorable clothing, and children. However, food is also an avenue of cuteness, often exploited yet often overlooked.

Alcremie’s design uses the cuteness of food and is based on adorable desserts. Its Gigantimax version is even cuter as it turns into a massive, luxurious cake. This Pokemon also makes a great support for double battles with its unique moveset.


The cutest fairy-type Pokemon is Milcery. It’s a small, white Pokemon made of cream that was born of sweet-smelling particles in the air. It is simplistic in appearance, with stubby arms and white eyes with no visible pupils.

Milcery is actually Alcremie’s pre-evolved form, evolving only after giving it a sweet. Although it’s not the toughest Pokemon, Milcery is still capable of many fairy-type moves including dazzling gleam, and misty terrain.

It was hard to choose, but these are our top ten picks for the cutest fairy type Pokemon. What do you think of our list? What are your favorite fairy-type Pokemon? Leave a comment below and share it with us.

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