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The Top 10 Cutest Rock-Type Pokemon

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As part of the original starter Pokémon, rock type pokemon were first introduced in Pokemon Red Blue.

There are 76 different rock type pokémon. These pokemon stand out for their great defence against physical attacks however like grass type pokemon they have the most weaknesses. Rock-type Pokémon mostly resemble biological organisms and creatures with armor made of rock and minerals. Rocky type pokemon are generally listed as fighting type pokemonTheir attacks are mostly physical but since the release of Generation IV, they can also do special moves. Despite their immense strength, high defence, and special defence stats they typically have the lowest speed and accuracy. In the pokemon world, due to their strong and stern nature, rock type Pokémon aren’t typically known to be cute. But if you’re able to look past their tough exterior there is a couple of pokémon who easily qualify as cute. In this article, we will rank the top ten cutest pokemon in the Pokedex. 

10. Omanyte

A rock water type fossil pokemon, Omanyte makes the list for its big eyes and cute arms. It was originally introduced in Generation I, Omanyte is actually considered extinct and needs to be revived from fossils. It has ten tentacles and a pale yellow, helix spiral shell on its back. If the appearance hasn’t sold you on its cuteness factor, when it attacks it blows bubbles from its mouth. Its dual typing gives it a unique resistance to fire types. Although it starts out cute its final evolution is Omastar.

9. Larvitar

Larvitar is the pre-evolution pokemon to Tyranitar. It was first introduced in Generation II and is a dual-type rock ground pokemon. Although the anime tries to give an adult-like attitude its small green reptilian baby gives it the appearance of a cute baby. Larvitar is green with a short round snout and has triangular black margins below and on the upper corners of its eyes. It has short arms and small feet. Its colour scheme is green and it has a large skinny spike on its head. Despite being a cutie this pokemon can come off as somewhat intimidating towards its enemies and it can easily defeat enemies three times its size. 

8. Rhyhorn

Another pokemon from Generation I, Rhyhorn resembles a cross between rhinoceros covered in rocky plates. It is a dual-type ground rock pokemon and isn’t known for being very agile. Despite its rough appearance, its short legs combined with its protruding fangs up its cuteness factor for roc type fans. It’s not the smartest pokemon in the game but it has a lot of stamina and will smash through any obstacle in its way. 

7. Bonsly

Although it looks like a tiny tree, Bonsly is a pure rock type pokemon. It’s the pre-evolution form of Sudowoodo and is featured in the game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Bonsly is round and the top of its head resembles a club. In the game and anime, it is often mistaken for bonsai tree because of its excellent mimicking skills. A rim goes around the middle of its body. It has three yellow dots on its face, two of which surround its eyes. In the anime, Brock’s Bonsly was always happy and cheerful, two of the most basic elements of a cute pokemon. 

6. Rockruff

Any pokemon that resembles a real life animal is guaranteed to be cute. One of the cutest rock types is the adorable puppy Rockruff. It’s a pure rock type pokemon and it evolves into Lycanroc. It’s primarily light brown with darker brown muzzle paws and ear tips. It has large blue eyes, button ears, a short muzzle, and a triangular pink nose. The canine was first seen in Generation VII and has remained a fan favorite ever since. 

5. Corsola 

Corsola is a small, roundish pokemon with growths on its body that resemble coral. It’s a rock water type pokemon that was introduced in Generation II. There is a smaller, blunt horn on its forehead and it has black, oval eyes. It has four legs and two stubby arm blunts in the front. Although its rough growths make it less huggable its cute face, round body, and cheerful disposition make it a joy to keep around. 

4. Diancie 

Fairy type pokemon easily fall into the category of cute with their pastel colors and charming features and Diancie is no exception. A fairy rock type pokemon, Diancie was introduced to fans as an uncommon mutation of Carbink. It’s a small pokemon with a vaguely humanoid appearance. Its lower body is a grey rock with a large pink diamond on the side. Its upper body has two arms covered in a white material that resembles a dress. The top of its head is a collection of pink crystals forming a headdress. 

3. Amaura 

Amaura is just about the cutest baby dinosaur in existence. With its color scheme of light blue and its giant eyes, it’s easy to understand why this pokemon is at the top of the list. It’s a fossil pokemon and perhaps the cutest dinosaur themed pokemon in existence. Although this pokemon may not be the strongest in existence it can definitely deserve to be on this list. 

2. Shuckle 

This pokemon deals a lot of attack damage. IT has the highest defence and special defence. Shuckle is a pokemon that resembles a small turtle. Its body is yellow and appears soft. Until they are in use, shuckle’s limbs appear limp. It is encased in a very hard red shell that has many holes in it. The holes in its shell are rimmed with white. Shuckles derpy face and erratic facial expression bring him high on this list. 

1. Dwebble

The cutest pokemon on this list goes to Dwebble. Dwebble is a small hermit crab-shaped pokemon with large orange pincers. It has dark, oval-shaped eyes supported by eye stalks. It has a large hook-like tail that is concealed underneath the sectioned chunk of grey rock it uses as a shell. Pretty unexpected. Crabs aren’t well known for being adorable creatures. Crabs are sometimes shy and aggressive. But Dwebble’s uncommon appearance puts it at the top for Pokemon fans everywhere.  

That was our ranking for the top ten cutest rock type pokemon. In the pokemon world, rock type pokemon are known to be strong and intimidating. However, there are a few rock types out there that can pull at your heartstrings. How about you? Which do you think is the cutest rock type pokemon. Leave a comment below.

Photos: "Pokemon" – The Pokemon Company

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