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Animal Crossing Characters: Our Top Ten Cutest Choices

By Terrell
January 08, 2022

Across the Animal Crossing video game series, known as Dōbutsu no Mori (Animal Forest) in Japanese, there are 413 villagers, plus additional special characters as of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With such a massive number of animals with varying personality types, there are plenty of Animal Crossing characters to endear yourself to. That being said, there are some that we think are a bit cuter than the others.

If you’re looking for more kawaii (cute) city folk to add to your village, check out some of our picks for the cutest Animal Crossing characters.

Lucky the Dog

Let’s start our list with one of the best boys who combines spooky and cute. It’s Lucky! This mummified dog is one of the more unique villagers in the Animal Crossing games. Introduced in the original game, this lazy type doggo is laid-back, easy to get along with, and loves talking food, comics, and superheroes.

Plus, his house is always a fun and interesting place to visit, featuring Egyptian themes in his initial appearances and overall undead theme in his New Horizons home. Fun fact: the number ‘23’ on his shirt may be a reference to misfortune, contrary to his name.

Many people browse the Nintendo Store as a video display features Nintendo Crossing characters on a large screen.
Animal Crossing has really made a name for itself thanks to its cute characters and super relaxing vibe. Image via Shutterstock

Lolly the Cat

Next up is our resident noseless cat, Lolly! Lolly is another veteran character, first making her appearance in Animal Forest e+ as an exclusive character. She may have a normal-type personality, but she really is super sweet… like a lollipop. Her eyes even swirl like one too.

In fact, her Japanese name is Ramune (a Japanese soda) meaning that she is super sweet in both languages. Lolly’s home in both her first and second (in City Folk) was a cute citrus fruit-inspired dream. Now, however, her home is a welcoming kitchen setting with a K.K. Stroll CD playing in the background, perfect for greeting your character.

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Dom the Sheep

Dom is probably the cutest sheep you will ever meet, in game or in real life. This is one of the newer Animal Crossing characters, having only been introduced in New Horizons. Despite his adorable puppy dog eyes and fluffy exterior, this Animal Crossing villager is surprisingly a jock type. 

It’s not quite clear why his name is Dom, but it might be because he likes to dominate in both sports and bodybuilding. His house is decorated with DIY items that make it look like a delightful outdoor garden, complete with walls painted to look like blue skies.

Kid Cat the Cat

To follow up our fluffy, jock sheep, we have a heroic, jock cat villager: Kid Cat. Kid Cat is one of only five superhero villagers and is absolutely the cutest of them without a doubt. His costume is reminiscent of two superhero Japanese tv shows – Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (the original version of the Power Rangers) – with his red helmet, red outfit, and white boots. He even has a super cute hero pose on his Amiibo card! 

He is also a jock, but what sets him apart is his catchphrase, “Psst!” It’s unclear whether he’s whispering or just making the sound we humans use to get a cat’s attention. His house, especially after Wild World, is sporty and full of exercise equipment, perfect for getting some in-game exercise!

A statue of two of the most popular Animal Crossing characters, Isabelle and Tom Nook, sits in a shop with many people and goods in the background.
Although we love Isabelle and Tom Nook, especially Isabelle in Smash Bros., they unfortunately didn’t make it onto our list. Image via Shutterstock

Judy the Cub

Next, let’s change up the pace and go with our favorite snooty cub villager. Judy is known for her elegant appearance, personality, and musical hobby, despite only recently being released in New Horizons. Her gorgeous eyes and super cute color scheme make her an instant favorite.

However, the only downside is that she’s snooty, so she can be a little rude or prideful at first. That being said, get to know her and she’s great! Her home’s interior is super cute and full of pastel, block patterns. She even has starry wallpaper and garland that add some magic to her room.

Merengue the Rhino

Our next villager is perfect if you have a sweet tooth! Merengue is the definition of cute with her strawberry shortcake-inspired design complete with whipped cream horn. Her name is even based off of the dessert ‘meringue’, so you know she’s a sweetheart. Her design, kind personality, and unique concept make her one of the cutest Nintendo characters ever.

Ever since her debut in New Leaf, she has had an adorable cafe-themed house too. How can anyone forget about her iconic ice cream lamp present in both games? Honestly, iconic. Plus, she’s very easy to befriend and is often up at 6 a.m., so she’s easy to spend time with.

Shino the Deer

Now, let’s go from sweet to slightly edgy. Shino is our very Japanese deer villager, sporting a very cute yukata (Japanese casual kimono) and eyebrows inspired by Noh, a traditional Japanese stagecraft. Her name may also be a combination of the word for deer (shika) and Noh. She also has red horns (possibly inspired by Japanese ogres or oni) and fangs.

She is one of the villagers with an education hobby, but is also very peppy. Her home, introduced in the New Horizons 2.0 update, is also very Japanese with traditional tatami (folded bamboo) flooring and paper walls. She even has a traditional Japanese stove, so visiting her is almost like visiting Kyoto itself!

A set of Amiibos for Super Smash Bros. sit on a shelf, including one of the Animal Crossing characters, the Villager.
The success of this game can’t be denied when even the Villager and Isabelle have appeared in other games like Super Smash Bros. Image via Shutterstock

Sasha the Rabbit

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge our favorite New Horizons bunny guy: Sasha! Sasha is a lazy rabbit boy with a fashion hobby, and this hobby shows in his overall design. Over his green and white fur and big eyes, he rocks a blue letter jacket perfect for the current Harajuku fashion scene. He also has blonde bangs that hang across his forehead, making him look like a little bunny K-pop star.

He’s also friendly and easy to get along with while loving relaxing and food. His house doesn’t have much, but what he does have fits a very nice kawaii aesthetic. His room has plenty of stuffed animals and super cute skateboard decks. He also has a workbench for… working?

Sherb the Goat

We have one more goat for you also introduced in New Horizons: Sherb! Sherb is an adorably lazy blue goat with super cute gray and white striped horns. He is also perfectly ready for winter with a super cute gray and white winter snowflake sweater. Actually, his Japanese name is Rem, which may be a reference to REM sleep, since he loves sleep.

Sherb’s house is surprisingly cute, featuring seafoam green furniture with purple and pink frilly accents and bows. He even has a DIY table. Although he may not have the most interesting house, it is really adorable. Plus, his bed really does look comfy.

A hand holds the case for Animal Crossing New Leaf in his hand in front of a green background
New Leaf may be one of our favorites, but how about you all? Which was your favorite Animal Crossing game? Image via Shutterstock

Tia the Elephant

The final villager to round out our list is our very cute elephant villager, Tia. Much like Merengue, it’s impossible not to think of a tasty treat when you see her design. Only in this case, it’s tea with a design that makes her look like a cute little porcelain teapot, similar to Japanese Imari-ware.

Tia has the nature hobby and a normal personality, but she’s also very kind. Her New Leaf home is quite plain, but her New Horizons home has a lovely cafe theme that is to die for. Don’t worry! There’s a teapot on the stove AND on the coffee table, so you can be confident where the tea comes from.   

Did you see your favorite villager from this cozy Nintendo game on our list? Are there any of your cutest villagers that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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