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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogSentimental Circus: Who Are They?

Sentimental Circus: Who Are They?

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
June 26, 2024
Members from the Sentimental Circus looking at a barrel of gold.

San-X’s Sentimental Circus, an adorable troupe of acrobatic stuffed animals, brings together happiness and hope for some of our more forgotten and lost friends. Few things bring greater love, warmth, and comfort than a cute stuffed animal.

As kids, we form solid ties with stuffed animals. They become our close friends, protectors, and even family when we feel sad and alone. But what happens when we grow up, and those stuffed animals are forgotten? What happens when those toys find themselves all alone? 

It’s a sad concept, but the reality is that too many cherished stuffed animals have become discarded and left by the wayside over the years. Luckily, a particularly plucky group of stuffed animals decided to band together and fix this problem. When the lights go out, and the world goes to sleep, the Sentimental Circus puts on the biggest show in the world! Come learn about this adorable ragtag group of misfits!

Who are some of the Sentimental Circus characters?

The Sentimental Circus is composed of a great many animals. Many have their own unique skills and personalities that they bring to their performances. Here are a handful of the animals that make up the Sentimental Circus. Don’t think the others not listed aren’t as cute or as important! They absolutely are, and they definitely deserve plenty of love!


The ringleader of the Sentimental Circus! Shappo was the first stuffed animal to decide to form the circus for other forgotten and lost toys. Shappop is a cute little bunny in a onesie with a little black top hat on his ear. He does his absolute best each and every night for those that come to watch. If it wasn’t for him, all the other toys would still be forgotten, which would be no good. If you ever see the circus, make sure to thank Shappo!

Shappo from the Sentimental Circus, holding on to half a cookie. They are a bunny in a pink onesie.
Shappo is the leader of the group! Image via Jelly Beet


Fittingly, Pony is actually a rocking horse, but a very shy one, which would make being a rocking chair hard. He’s very self-conscious about his short legs and wishes he was always taller. As a horse, Pony is gifted at jumping hurdles. Even though he’s timid and worries about his short legs, Pony is an absolute cutie-pie who needs a big hug. Watching him jump his hurdles is a sight to behold, considering he’s not meant for jumping but just for rocking (but don’t tell him that!)

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Mouton is a blue elephant with patchwork ears who has a very cool skill. He is a fantastic acrobat and can easily balance balls on the end of his trunk. He gets excited and amped up when the curtain rises, so always expect the performance of a lifetime when Mouton comes out on stage! You rarely see elephants perform balancing acts, let alone blue elephants performing balancing acts!

Stuffed animals from an imaginary circus swirling around shooting stars.
They’re a group of stuffed animals who come alive at night to put on a show! Image via Rakuten Shijo


Kuro is an adorable and shy black cat with an iconic red shirt. He’s especially famous at the circus because of his amazing ability to perform with a rolling ball! It’s imposing if you stop and think about his size, too. Not many other black cats can roll giant balls the way he can, making him a huge draw for the circus.

Have they appeared in any media?

The Sentimental Circus has appeared briefly online in short videos and has also starred in its own books! However, it has mostly appeared in many merchandise, such as clothes, bags, pens, and toys. The forgotten toys should achieve such stardom that they have their own toy line, but if any toys deserve such fame, it’s definitely them.

What makes the Sentimental Circus special?

Just like the Sumikko Gurashi characters from San-X, the Sentimental Circus is a group of characters that find comfort in one another despite their melancholy backstories. The Sumikko Gurashi are characters full of doubt and shyness and prefer to sit away from others. The Sentimental Circus, similarly, is a group of toys that formed their own family when the rest of the world forgot about them.

Two Sentimental Circus members on a boat looking through barrels of gold.
Have you ever heard of the Sentimental Circus before? Image via PR Times

Although the circus members may be a bit tattered and patchwork in appearance, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love and attention. They impart a heartwarming message to fans that everyone deserves happiness, even if they feel alone and forgotten.

By rising up and choosing to face life with a smile, you can make brand-new friends and have positive experiences. They also remind us never to forget about the toys, which are always with us when we need them the most. So hug your old stuffed animals when you get the chance!

Have you seen the Sentimental Circus before? Do you have a favorite character? Do you have any of their merchandise? Please let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear how much you love these forgotten but happy toys!

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