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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogBest Kirby Games: Amazing Stages Edition

Best Kirby Games: Amazing Stages Edition

By James Lau
March 01, 2024
A bunch of characters from some of the best Kirby games!

Explore the best Kirby games with unique stages, from spooky adventures to thrilling races. Each stage offers unique challenges and beautiful settings, making every game unforgettable! Dive into the world of Kirby and go on captivating journeys filled with mysteries, obstacles, and endless fun!

Invasion at the House of Horrors (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

“Invasion at the House of Horrors” is a spooky stage in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, set in the Wondaria Remains area. Players guide Kirby through a haunted funhouse filled with enemies like Ghost Gordos, Surprise Alien Boards, and other spooky creatures. Players must use Kirby’s abilities to get through the stage, including the Light-Bulb Mouth mode to illuminate dark areas and the Vending Mouth mode to destroy obstacles!

A scene from the "Invasion" level from Kirby's Forgotten Land .
This is one of the coolest stages in Kirby game history! Image via IGN

As players explore “Invasion at the House of Horrors,” they encounter hidden Waddle Dees to rescue, snacks to collect, and aliens to defeat using the Vending Mouth mode. Completing missions like saving Waddle Dees, avoiding Ghost Gordos, and destroying aliens unlock rewards. It progresses the game, and each stage section has unique obstacles and puzzles for players to solve!

Hamburgers (Kirby’s Dream Buffet)

“Hamburgers” is a race stage featured in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, giving players a challenging track to navigate. The stage consists of a pathway constructed from American-style hamburgers, sandwiches, and related objects. Players must guide their characters through the track, which includes floating hamburgers and sandwiches, bridges of bacon and hot dogs, and platforms made of condiments like onion, tomato, and cucumber slices!

A scene from "Hamburgers", a Kirby game stage.
The “Hamburgers” stage is very fun! Image via Pocket Tactics

Each version of the Hamburgers stage follows a similar structure but differs in layout based on its color: red, yellow, green, or blue. The stages feature spinning platforms, Crumbling Cookie Walls, and large frying pans that players must navigate through. Sunny-side-up eggs act as springs to propel characters, while ketchup and mustard can slow them down. Each food theme adds variety to the gameplay experience!

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Melody Town (Kirby’s Epic Yarn)

Melody Town is the fourth stage in Treat Land in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, one of the best Kirby games. It’s known for its heavy musical theme, featuring instruments like pianos, drums, horns, and harps that Kirby can interact with. The level begins with Kirby bouncing on drums and running through horns, followed by sections where he swings across harps and rides sheet music. The stage ends with a mash-up of various instruments before reaching the goal.

A scene from Melody Town, one of many amazing stages from Kirby's Epic Yarn.
This stage’s main theme is music! Image via YouTube/Twister’s Nintendo Channel

In Melody Town, players guide Kirby through a musical journey, utilizing the unique properties of instruments to pass obstacles and collect beads. To progress through the stage, Kirby can interact with pianos, drums, and other instruments. Moreover, the stage features enemies like Cannon Soldiers and Waddle Dees, and the player was defeated to pass through the stage!

Dangerous Dinner (Kirby’s Return to Dreamland)

“Dangerous Dinner” is the seventh level in Kirby’s Return to Dream. Set in the volcanic region of Halcandra, this fiery area has lava hazards and towering pillars of molten rock. Kirby and friends search the land for the mighty dragon, Landia, who resides at the top of one of the volcanoes. Throughout the level, players encounter various common enemies and challenging mid-bosses like Super Bonkers and Water Galboros!

A fiery stage from "Kirby's Return to Dreamland" .
This stage takes place in a fiery castle! Image via Video Games Chronicles

The level also has four stages, each with unique challenges. Players must use Copy Abilities to progress, with options like Beam, Bomb, and Cutter available. Additionally, Super Abilities like Snow Bowl and Ultra Sword can overcome tougher obstacles and defeat powerful enemies. Collect Energy Spheres throughout the stages to unlock secrets and rewards!

Celestial Valley (Kirby’s Air Ride)

“Celestial Valley” is a course in Kirby Air Ride, with a thrilling racing experience within a twilight canyon filled with waterways and towering plants. The track is known for its complex layout, featuring sharp bends, vertical sections, and various paths. Players race through the canyon’s rugged terrain, encountering hazards like dash panels, bottomless pits, and waterways.

A scene from the "Celestial Valley" stage is Kirby's Air Ride!
This stage will have you flying through the sky! Image via Kirby Wiki

Players throughout Celestial Valley navigate through a beautiful setting, with floating rock formations and glowing spores lighting through mysterious tunnels. The course has many enemies, including Plasma Wisps, Flappys, and Sword Knights, with Gordos appearing during Time Attack mode. Celestial Valley’s music features wind instruments and melodies that add to the action!

Why should I play these Kirby stages?

With its diverse stages of spooky haunted houses, musical landscapes, delicious food-themed races, fiery volcanic regions, and thrilling canyon races, the world of Kirby’s best games offers endless entertainment!

A screenshot from a Kirby game.
Which of these stages is your favorite? Image via Digital Trends

Whether players explore mysterious environments, overcome challenges or battle enemies, each stage is a unique experience. Join Kirby on his adventures and discover the magic of these fantastic stages! Have you ever played any of these games? Is there a stage that we missed? Which other ones do you think are the best Kirby games? Let us know in the comments below!

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