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The Top 10 Cutest Nintendo Characters

By Alana Juric
August 12, 2021

 Nintendo has hundreds of games and thousands of characters, so it’s hard to choose the cutest. But we’ve done our best! Here are the top 10 cutest Nintendo characters.

Pikachu from the Pokemon Series

A giant Pikachu looking over his shoulder and waving on a wall of Pokemon plushies.

Image via Shutterstock

Pikachu is Pokemon’s mascot for a reason. He’s not just one of the cutest electric Pokemon, or even the cutest Nintendo characters. He’s actually one of the cutest video game characters, period. One “pika pika” from this adorable electric rodent is all it takes to prove it! 

Pikachu is designed after a mouse, but with extra-large, round eyes, and red cheek circles that make it look like it’s blushing… but are actually electric sacs able to paralyze its opponents. But he’s not just lovable in appearance, he’s also lovable in character. In the series, Pikachu proves his loyal, brave and kind character time and again.

Eevee from the Pokemon Series

A smiling Eevee next to a smiling Pikachu in a bowl outside in front of a bush

Image via Shutterstock

Eevee is the most popular Pokemon after Pikachu and is a secondary mascot. Although mainly inspired by the fennec fox, this Pokemon is the embodiment of all things fluffy. It has the ears of a rabbit, the tail of a fox, the body of a dog, and a head reminiscent of a cat. 

Eevee also has the most evolutions of any Pokemon, with eight different “eeveelutions”, all of them either cute or elegant! This is easily one of the most useful and cutest normal-type Pokemon and a strong contender for the cutest Ninendo character as well.

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Yoshi from the Super Mario Series

A Yoshi figure in a display, next to a Mario figure and another green bear figure.

Image via Shutterstock

Yoshi is Mario’s big, green dinosaur companion. Yoshi is hard not to like, with a kind character. In the Island games, his role is to protect babies from enemies. The sight of this friendly dino carrying babies on its back is sure to melt anyone’s heart.

Pikmin from the Pikmin series

These little humanoid plants are the cutest companions you can have on your quest to survive on their planet. They look like little humans, but with sprouts growing from the top of their heads. They have big heads, spindly limbs, and are fragile against predators. 

However, they are also incredibly helpful, and a necessary part of completing the game. Each color of Pikmin has its own special ability, which can be used to help with different tasks.

Kirby from the Kirby Series

A tiny Kirby figure on top of many Easter Kit Kats with a rose and a golden cat in the background

Image via Shutterstock

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most popular characters. He’s a little, pink ball, with blushing cheeks and sparkling eyes. His names origins are uncertain, but he might have been named after John Kirby, the lawyer who defended the company after Universal City Studios sued Nintendo over the similarities between King King and Donkey Kong. 

Kirby may be cute, but he’s also incredibly strong, with the ability to copy his opponent’s powers, eat almost anything, fly, and inflate. Kirby’s creator Masahiro Sakurai even confirmed that, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kirby's copied abilities are stronger than their original versions, making him the most powerful character in the game, and probably the strongest of all Nintendo characters!

Starfy from The Legendary Starfy Series

According to the game’s creators, Starfy is neither star nor starfish. Whatever he may be, the anthropomorphic star-shaped creature is certainly cute. Starfy has a big smile and a big heart, as shown in the game series, in which he always tries to help those around him. Although Starfy has been bringing the cuteness to Japan since 2002, he went international in 2008, and we are happier for it.

Toad from the Super Mario series

A large Toad and Luigi Statue in front of Mario World hills and a level marker.

Image via Shutterstock

Toad is called ‘Kinopio’ in Japanese, which is a combination of the Japanese word for mushroom (kinoko) and the word for Pinocchio (pinokio). He looks like a small boy with a mushroom cap, which is actually a part of his head. He is usually a non-playable character, tasked with assisting Mario and Princess Peach, but has had the chance to shine in other games. The sight of this bobbing mushroom head heading towards you is sure to put a smile on your face.

Jigglypuff from the Pokemon Series

A Jigglypuff card on a stand

Image via Shutterstock

It would be remiss not to mention this round, pink Pokemon. Jigglypuff is a ball of fluff with stubby limbs and huge blue eyes, capable of mesmerizing its enemies, and the audience, with its cuteness. Even its name is cute, describing it perfectly: a puff that jiggles! Its abilities match its style: a lullaby capable of putting its opponents to sleep. All of this adds up to Jigglypuff being one of the top 10 cutest fairy-type Pokemon and Nintendo character.

Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Chao are incredibly cute creatures that you can keep as pets in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They have round bodies, little wings, and a floating object (a ball or halo) over their heads. They come in several colors based on their alignment: white and blue, black and red, or yellow and blue.

If you cuddle with a character, they take on the alignment of that character (dark, neutral, or hero). We only wish these squishy little balls were real, so we could cuddle them in real life too!

Merengue from the Animal Crossing Series

Most of the Animal Crossing characters are designed to be cute, but Meringue literally takes the cake. This rhino is pink, wears a chef outfit, and has a strawberry as a horn, making her head look like the top of a cake. Can it get cuter than that?

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