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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogJewelpet: One of Sanrio’s Best Hidden Gems!

Jewelpet: One of Sanrio’s Best Hidden Gems!

By Sophia Wasylinko
March 29, 2024
A pink rabbit holding a sign that says "Herb Garden".

Have you heard of a Jewelpet? If the answer is “No,” don’t feel bad. Sanrio is home to many cute characters. But while some, like Hello Kitty and Kuromi, are popular everywhere, others, like the Jewelpets (a collaboration with Sega), aren’t as well-known.

And that’s a shame because, thanks to their unique designs and fascinating lore, they’ve captured the hearts of many young fans. Here’s everything you need to know about Sanrio’s best-hidden gems, the Jewelpets!  

What is the Jewelpet anime about? 

The Jewelpets are magical creatures living in Jewel Land with human forms. In the first series, some of them get turned into Jewel Charms and end up lost on Earth. It’s up to the Jewelpet Ruby to team up with humans to find them before the villains do! Other series follow the Jewelpets at school or on quests to collect magical gems. There are also Sweetspets, who don’t have Jewel Eyes but have sweets for body parts instead.

Two Jewelpets holding hands.
A Jewelpet is the best friend you can have! Image via IMBd

Based on the toy line created by Sanrio and Sega, Studio Comet and Toho produced Jewelpet and its subsequent series. The first season aired from 2009 to 2010 and was soon followed by six more series: Jewelpet Twinkle (2010-2011), …Sunshine (2011-2012), …Kira Deco! (2012-2013), …Happiness (2013-2014), Lady Jewelpet (2014-2015), and Jewelpet: Magical Change (2014-2015). 

There were also two films, Jewelpet the Movie: Sweets Dance Princess (2012) and Jewelpet Attack Travel! (2022), as well as several TV specials. While Sweets Dance Princess flopped, the other anime became popular with old and new fans. They inspired a light novel, stage plays, and shojo manga. All seven series are available to watch on YouTube.

Who are the most popular Jewelpets?

There are 42 Jewelpets in all, but a few stand out. First, there’s Ruby, a member of the leading trio. She’s a Japanese hare who gets into trouble but has a good heart. Sapphie is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who is kind to everyone and supports her human partners. Garnet is a haughty yet hardworking Persian cat ready to defend her friends. 

A white rabbit hot air balloon.
They’re one of Sanrio’s lesser-known franchises! Image via YouTube/Maimiru Land

In Jewelpet Happiness, the trio is joined by three more characters. Considered the most potent Jewelpet, polar bear Labra is cute, though she can sometimes be naughty. Angela, the alpaca, is calm and gentle, and her relaxed personality hides her cowardly nature. Rosa is a Ussuri brown bear who cares for others, even willing to sacrifice herself. 

Other popular Jewelpets include Dutch rabbit Luea, Munchkin cat Diana, Netherland dwarf rabbit Luna, Chihuahua Peridot, and Arctic fox Larimar, the last Jewelpet to be introduced. Popular Sweetspets include sakura mochi brown bear Sakuran, eclair rex rabbit Eclan, and gummy fennec fox Gumimin.

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Is it popular overseas?

To make the Jewelpet anime more popular, Sanrio expanded the series so that it was broadcast overseas. The first season aired in Taiwan in 2010 and later in 14 other countries, including Spain, the Czech Republic, and Italy. As mentioned earlier, it’s also available online with English subs.

A pink cal Jewelpet surrounded by yen coins.
They like to have a good time! Image via IMDb

Since it hasn’t been dubbed in English, it has never aired in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. This might be why the Jewelpets are less prevalent in these countries than other Sanrio and Sega characters. There were rumors that Nelvana would dub the series in 2010, but that never happened.

However, Jewelpet still has fans and even a cult following. The series has inspired fan art, particularly from Steven Universe fans, and ignited a rivalry with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fans. Finally, there have been various fansubs that fill in the gap left behind by no official English dub.

A scene from a Jewelpet anime featuring a blonde boy and a grey cat.
They’re named after many precious stones! Image via Jewel Pet Wiki

Why should I check out the Jewelpets? 

Exciting story 

Jewelpet has exciting plotlines, whether they’re taking place at the Sunshine Academy or the Jewelpet Café. The lore is also intriguing, with the Jewelpets’ origin stories, the search for the Deco Stones, and the characters’ training as magicians taking center stage. No matter the series, there’s humor, action, heartfelt moments, and fun.

A scene from a Jewelpet anime.
The anime is super cute! Image via Jewel Pet Wiki

Colorful animation

Not only does every Jewelpet have a power and gem they’re named after, but they also have their own unique design, especially regarding the eyes. Besides the critters, the human characters and the locations are also creative. If you love bright colors and cute animals, Jewelpet will have you hooked from the visuals alone!

Lovable characters 

A blonde girl posing with her Jewelpets!
Have you ever watched a Jewlpet anime before? Image via

Each Jewelpet and human partner has an endearing, charming, or at least exciting personality. Sometimes, they start out mean or irritating. However, even the saltiest Jewelpet has a soft side.

Not to mention, part of the fun is seeing them change and grow, becoming somebody that all viewers can root for and love.  Did you know about Jewelpet before reading this blog? Who’s your favorite Jewelpet character, and what’s your favorite series? Tell us in the comments below.

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