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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogThe Top 10 Cutest Digimon to Have as Your Digital Pal!

The Top 10 Cutest Digimon to Have as Your Digital Pal!

By Alana Juric
August 03, 2021

Digimon is the more battle-focused version of the cute pet-raising simulator Tamagochi. You hatch a baby-level pet, take care of it, and Digivolve it to make it stronger and fight dangerous opponents. 

Many of these pets are designed to be cute, especially during their beginning stages. So while they may not be as well known as Pokemon, Digimon’s monsters are just as adorable. Here are our top ten picks for cute Digimon we’d love to have as our partner!

A display in Akihabara Station of Agumon and Greymon behind a Digital Monster sign.

Image via Shutterstock


This Digimon has cute right in its name! It looks like a little pink rabbit and wears earphones, pink slippers, and a pink scarf. It is as kind as it is cute with its healing ability, which it will use to secretly heal those around it. 

This Digimon is shy and hard to spot, but even rabbits bite when threatened. Cutemon has the ability to attack by singing with supersonic and ultrasonic soundwaves, which damages all around it.

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Patamon looks like an orange guinea pig, but it has huge ears that look like dragon wings. Like the equally adorable Disney elephant Dumbo, Patamon can even use these wing-like ears to fly, albeit slowly. It looks exceptionally cute when flying, with its two wings desperately flapping to keep its chubby body in the air!  

It can also use these giant ears to attack its enemies as one of its special moves. Patamon is a great Digimon for tamers because of its obedient personality. He was especially great to TK as both his partner Digimon and friend in the Digimon Adventure anime series. His mega-level Digimon form is also extremely cool.

Image via shutterstock


Calumon is an exceptionally friendly Digimon with a playful nature. It will appear wherever fun is to be had. It is as sweet in appearance as it is in personality. Calumon is a small, white, four-legged creature with big, round eyes and stubby limbs. 

Like Patamon, it also has giant ears which it can use to fly. Calumon has the Zero Unit symbol in the center of its forehead. Calumon is unique as it has no Digivolutions. However, it can cause other Digimon to Digivolve, helping tamers in the real world in Digimon Tamers.


This Digimon is named after the terrier dog breed, but it doesn’t look much like a dog. It is a bipedal Digimon, with a white body, a horn in the center of its head, and big, almost rabbit-like ears. The only parts of it that resemble a terrier are its black nose, eyes, and adorable feet.

Terriermon has a calm personality, but like a loyal dog, its attacks when defending its tamer are stronger than you’d expect.

A collection of 5 of the old Digimon pocket game in different colors with different backgrounds.

Image via Shutterstock


Dorimon is the crossbreed of a cat and a ball. This furry, spherical creature has four stubby legs, which it uses to run at high speeds towards its opponents. Although it looks soft and cuddly, don’t be fooled: its kitty cat ears are actually as sharp as horns and deal damage when Dorimon rams into its enemies.


This gorgeous Digimon is a moon-inspired rabbit design. It has four ears, a long robe, and sparkling eyes. A crescent moon symbol decorates the center of its forehead.

It was created by the fusion of moon-watching data. Lunamon is extremely affectionate and hates being left alone.

image via shutterstock


Dragons were once the fearsome flaming monsters of the sky. But recently they’ve had an adorable makeover. After seeing How to Train your Dragon and Dragon Tales, who doesn’t think dragons are cute?

Babydmon looks like a baby dragon, with soft features and big eyes. Despite its scaled, draconic body, it looks incredibly cuddly. If it were a Pokemon, it would definitely make our list of the cutest dragon Pokemon.


Mochimon is named after the food it looks like: mochi (Japanese rice cakes)! If you’re not already familiar with it, mochi is a kind of soft, sticky rice cake used in many Japanese desserts. This Digimon has a light pink, squishy body, which inflates when it gets riled up, making it look even more like mochi.

Even its attacks are mochi-related, with the ability to blow soft, sticky bubbles to trap its opponents. As another character of the original Digimon Adventure series, it's also known as being a great friend to its tamer, Izzy.

A Digivice that looks like the one from the original Digimon anime.

Image via Shutterstock


The MarineAngemon Digimon looks positively angelic, with its large, feathery wings. It also has a holy ring around its neck and a heart on its chest. And if that wasn’t lovely enough, even its attacks are love-based! Its appearance and moveset make it similar to many of the cutest fairy-type Pokémon.


Its Japanese name is Chibimon. Chibi is a cute slang way of saying ‘short’ in Japanese, and true to its name, this Digimon is tiny.  It looks like a little baby dragon! Its design is simple, with four stubby limbs, a huge head, and a lizard-like tail.

Despite its reptilian origins, Chibimon hops around on two feet like a rabbit. It loves sweet food and sleeping. If you don’t watch over it, it will fall asleep instantly. Even its special move is hilariously adorable. It simply runs into its opponents while hopping.

Which Digimon do you think is the cutest? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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