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Pokémon-Inspired Fashion Never Misses a Beat

By James
July 03, 2021

People all over the world, even people right down the street, can be very different from one another with their own likes and interests, not to mention personalities, that help to make them unique. This individuality is what makes the world go around and the main ingredient that adds spice to life. However, if there’s one topic that everyone can reliably agree on, it’s probably Nintendo’s Pokémon.

Now, we can’t say that every single person is interested in the same types of Pokémon video games, for instance, or that everyone has a soft spot for this or that certain Pokémon character. But what can be said is that nearly all Pokémon fans would love to catch some stylish streetwear or accessories decorated or inspired by their own favorite Pokémon! It’s all about the fashion!

What we all do have in common, whether we are very conscious of it or not, is that we all aim to showcase our own sense of style through our clothes. The key is to let your personality shine through what you wear, and it’s a positive thing that can be a lot of fun to put together! You’ll definitely feel your best after wading through the clothing options that exist and finding what’s most suitable to your individual style. We’ve all gotta wear a fresh set of clothes each day, so for Pokémon fans why not test the waters with some awesome designs sporting your all time favorite characters?

All About the Collaborations

Throughout the twenty five years of Pokémon history, there have been all sorts of fun collaborations between the series and famous apparel brands. Sometimes these collaborations are low-key and meant to give the masses a simple yet satisfying fashion option. Other times these are high-end luxury brands that aim to offer an exclusive limited-edition collectible lineup, bringing our favorite characters to new levels! Then there’s a little bit of everything else inbetween as well. For instance, not just t-shirts and pants, but shoes, tops, jeans, accessories, and even underwear and socks that feature these characters or motifs inspired by them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy clothing collabs between Pokémon and fashion houses. We’ll showcase some of the most iconic fruits of this labor from recent years and even a few that are currently available! Are there any that you recognize? Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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The Big Names

If there’s one name in the world of apparel that won’t be left unnoticed, it’s Japan’s Uniqlo. Known for being a purveyor of the basic essentials and must-haves, this brand is ubiquitous in Japan and you’d be hard pressed to find someone living in Japan who hasn’t heard of it, and even harder pressed to find someone who doesn’t own at least one article of clothing from this maker. Throughout the past ten to fifteen years, the clothing chain has expanded rapidly in North America, Europe, and Asia as well and has garnered a following as it sets out to make a name for itself beyond just its home market.

Despite being particularly ubiquitous throughout Japan, one way that Uniqlo successfully keeps its lineup fresh and entices customers to come back for more is through its always updated t-shirt collections. With the namesake of ‘UT Graphic Tees’, fans of the brand look forward to special announcements regarding releases with their best-loved characters, and the plethora of Pokémon collections throughout the years that there are always some fresh designs on the horizon! Many focus on Pikachu, but there have been other characters appear as well. You may have even seen some of these collections appear on social media after their initial release, as there are quite a few dedicated fans of the UT offerings.

Sometimes, these collections are only in Japan, but luckily this year the Pokémon graphic tees are available around the world! What do you think about the options? They really are a neat way to seamlessly blend a stylish dose of Pokémon into your wardrobe.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that not only does Uniqlo offer an array of Pokémon tees, but the brand has recently started offering Pokémon loungewear as well, perfect for a day at home or even as comfy pajamas!

Kawaii Chic

A list of Pokémon inspired fashion would be incomplete without mentioning Original Stitch. This Japanese brand has made a name for itself by offering very stylish and wearable Pokémon designs on all types of button-up and polo shirts. The perk though, is that these designs can be customized by none other than you! You choose your favorite Pokémon, choose amongst the designs offered, then pick a favorite color and shirt type, et voila! You’ve got your own original Pokémon wear ready to go! It’s hard to resist the contemporary yet everyday charm of this brand’s offerings.

From the Waist Down

Shoes, jeans, and undies, oh my! Don’t just deck out your tops in Poké-goodness, add some fun and uniqueness to your entire look! Starting with underwear, we’d be mistaken to not mention Japanese brand Hipshop. Known for eye-catching designs often featuring anime mascots, such as a popular Dragon Ball Z series, their undies are just plain fun and make for an interesting but surely memorable gift as well.

Who could go wrong with adding Pikachu-embellished jeans to their wardrobe? Levi’s has just the thing with their Pokémon inspired collection which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and stylish denim jackets too.

Last but not least, the shoes! Adidas decided to go retro with an 8-bit inspired Pokémon shoe design collection. Featuring an array of unique styles, it will be difficult to say no to these cool kicks!

The High-End Accessories

Although luxury goods can be out of reach for many people, it’s always fun to look at what the privileged few in this world are buying. We can only dream, right? French brand Longchamp had a very creative idea when it came to collaborating with Pokémon. The Pokémon x Longchamp bag, outfitted in Pikachu motifs, comes in 3D and 2D versions. What we mean by this is that the bag was introduced during an in-game event on Pokémon-Go during Paris Fashion Week. And if you’re a fan of it and want to bring the game to life, you can purchase it in the real world as well!

Share Your Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this walk down the Pokémon runway! In the future, what other fashion brand collaborations do you hope to see with your favorite Pokémon? Do you notice any trends when you shop for Pokémon clothes yourself? And are there any other anime, manga, or video game titles and characters that you reckon would make a fantastic foray into the universe of couture? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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