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New Pikachu sneakers are cute and awesome!

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Earlier this month it was announced that there would be Pokemon hats for cats… but now humans can take part in the fun too with this brand new range of Pokemon clothing announced! This new range is a collaboration between Japanese clothing brand Glamb and Pokemon and features some really cool and wearable designs as well as some fun designs.

The star of this collaboration definitely has to be the Pikachu sneakers! Coming in both mens and womens sizes anyone can wear these beauties and show the world their love for Pikachu.

The yellow and brown parts are made from fluffy towel-like material, whereas the white is made out of suede. Seems like they'd be super warn right?

When worn the Pikachu ears stick up and of course there's Pikachu's tail sticking out the back too. The sneakers retail for 27,000 Japanese yen or about $250 here which is a pretty hefty price tag.

Up next in the collection is this adorable Jigglypuff face sweater which looks super fluffy! You can get it here for 18,000 (165$) which again isn't cheap but if you've got cash to splash and love Pokemon, why not?

There's also this Pikachu version of the sweater which also retails for $165 and can be found here! Both sweaters are unisex so anyone can fulfill their fluffy Pokemon sweater dreams, if you have 165$ to spend that is!

There's also other items in the collection such as jeans, a whole range of t-shirts, a long sleeved t-shirt and phone cases too! We bet the Twitter user who had $1600 to drop on Pokemon plushies will also be dropping a bunch of cash on this collection. You could also deck yourself out in this gear and go and visit Tottori Prefectures Pokemon ambassador!

What are your thoughts on this collaboration? Let us know in the comments!

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Enjoy Popular Japanese Kawaii Merchandise Every Month!

Starting from $32.50USD

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