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The Top 10 Cutest Grass-Type Pokemon

By Yen Radecki
April 22, 2021

When it comes to cute Pokémon, grass types have long had a distinct advantage.

The third most common type of Pokémon you’re likely to encounter, these nature-inspired specimens punch well above their weight in the beauty department. Whether due to their frequent resemblance to flowers and plants, or their often changeable or seasonally-determined appearance, grass type Pokémon are some of the most adorable creatures from the franchise, featuring plenty of fan favorites. Here are our top ten cutest grass type Pokémon, ranked from “mildly adorable” to “I need a plushie immediately”!

10. Deerling

This adorable, dual type Pokemon has a different form for each of the seasons, each one cuter than the last. As the name suggests, Deerling has a strong resemblance to a real life deer, notwithstanding its colorful appearance. A combination normal and grass type Pokémon, this sweet, timid creature is without a doubt one of the cutest Pokémon from the franchise!

9. Sunshine Form Cherrim

Yet another Pokémon who changes its appearance based on the environment, Cherrim has two distinct forms: Overcast, and Sunshine. In Overcast form, Cherrim is little more than a purple flower in a bell-like shape, but come sunny weather, this grass type Pokémon blossoms into a surprisingly adorable flower! The deep purple of its Overast form transforms into light pink cherry-blossom petals, which radiate outwards from its spherical head. It’s a challenge to look at Cherrim without smiling!

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8. Bellossom

Another Pokémon clearly inspired by the natural world, Bellossom is an evolution of Gloom and one possible final form for the first generation dual grass/poison type Pokémon, Oddish. This adorable creature resembles a tropical hula dancer, with two ornamental flowers on its head and several yellow and green petals arranged around its waist in a kind of skirt. Bellossom’s sweet disposition and fondness for dance and song only make it more adorable, so don’t forget to hold onto a Sun Stone or two in order to turn smelly, drooling Gloom into this dancing cutie! If for some reason, Bellossom isn’t to your liking, a Leaf Stone will get you the slightly less cute, but still pretty adorable, dual grass/poison type, Vileplume.

7. Petilil

Petilil is a fifth generation Pokémon resembling a plant bulb. Its most notable features are the three leaves sprouting from its head, which are powerfully bitter to the taste but possess impressive restorative properties. Although it lacks any other facial features, Petilil’s big brown eyes are more than enough for it to worm its way into our hearts. Don’t worry—this little sprout’s leaves grow back after they’re plucked!

6. Shaymin

This floral creature clearly inspired by a real life hedgehog is a grass type Pokémon first introduced in Generation IV. A Mythical Pokémon, Shaymin has no evolutions but two different formes, a Land Forme and a Sky Forme. Both are pretty cute, with Sky Forme giving Shaymin a slightly more canine appearance, but our personal favorite is Land Forme, where Shayman appears as a small quadruped with light green fur and two pink flowers on either side of its head.

5. Bulbasaur 

Not only one of the cutest grass forms around, Bulbasaur is consistently ranked amongst the top ten cutest Pokémon ever! This iconic grass type starter harkens back to the game’s very first generation, and is in fact #001 in the Pokémon codex! Another dual grass/poison type, Bulbasaur can immediately be recognised by the large plant bulb upon its back, which gives it energy. While this might not sound very cute at face value, one look at its big red eyes and wide smile is sure to change your mind!

4. Celebi

Celebi’s name might make you think of the word ‘celery,’ but this Pokémon is in fact far less mundane in origin! With transparent wings, large blue eyes and a head shaped like a droplet, Celebi draws clear inspiration from mythological sprites and fairies. Despite this, Celebi isn’t a fairy type Pokémon, but in fact dual psychic and grass type instead. Within Pokémon lore, this adorable little sprite is best known for its time traveling abilities and connection to the forest. Best of all, not only is Celebi super cute, but it’s also super effective, with access to a range of same-type moves that make it a powerful Pokémon contender.

3. Chikorita

This second generation Pokémon is yet another grass type starter, this time from the Johto region. Another quadruped with a leaf on its head, Chikorita is most recognisable by its large red eyes and the dark green buds that encircle its neck like jewelry. As with many other grass type Pokémon, Chikorita’s leaf has a practical function too, emitting a sweet fragrance that can calm Pokémon during battle.

2. Budew

Surprisingly the only baby Pokémon to make this list, Budew is another dual type Pokémon, combining grass and poison types. Introduced in Generation IV, Budew is a small creature shaped like a rosebud, with a round yellow face and two vines entwined upon its head. In spring, it releases pollen that can induce hayfever-like symptoms in bystanders, but this doesn’t stop it from being one of the most lovable of the grass type bunch!

1. Rowlet

This Generation VII Pokémon is a dual flying and grass type Pokémon and the grass type starter Pokémon for the Alola region. A small Pokémon closely resembling an owl, Rowlet has large black eyes, a white beak, and two leaves sprouting from its chest in the shape of a bow-tie, giving this avian Pokémon a very smart appearance. But be careful! This dapper fellow can be a little delicate: as a grass type Pokémon weak against flying-type moves, it’s one of the only starter Pokémon weak to its own type.

When it comes to grass types, there’s a panoply of cute Pokémon to choose from. But don’t be fooled by their small, demure appearances. Like all Pokémon types, while grass types come with a range of strengths and weaknesses, they’re also one of the best starter types you can choose, being super effective against rock, water, and ground type Pokémon. A huge percentage of grass type Pokémon are also poison type, giving them access to not only grass type moves but poison attacks as well. And while grass type Pokémon are weak against flying, poison, bug, fire, and ice type Pokémon, they can also be surprisingly effective defenders with access to a range of HP restoring effects to boot. If nothing else, their cuteness is sure to inspire you in your quest to become the greatest Pokémon trainer of them all!

Photos: “Pokemon” – The Pokemon Company

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Yen Radecki

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Abigail Ovalles says
March 18, 2022, 9:18 AM

OMG! These pokemon are SO ADORABLE!!! I really enjoyed looking at this. I’m a huge pokemon fan! Just by looking at ths I realzed that I’m totally a Celebi. Loved this so much!


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