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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogHalloween 2022 Album: YumeTwins’ Memories!

Halloween 2022 Album: YumeTwins’ Memories!

By Thalia Harris
December 14, 2022
A picture of the Halloween 2022 Pokemon dinner featuring Gengar, a purple ghost Pokemon.

This past October, YumeTwins celebrated the spooky season in style! We enjoyed Halloween-themed desserts, anime, and especially attractions! We took a few deep dives into traditional Japanese lore, such as yokai and superstitions! Let’s take a closer look at the memories we can add to our Halloween 2022 album!

DisneySea Halloween!

Tokyo DisneySea is one of the unique Disney parks in the world, using a seaside aesthetic as its main inspiration! Instead of a Disney princess castle, DisneySea has Mount Prometheus, an impressive artificial volcano! 

The overall atmosphere at DisneySea is very immersive! Its port-of-calls resemble real-life areas such as the Arabian coastline, rainforest jungles, and Meditteranean town squares. Overall, DisneySea makes you feel like you’re on an international getaway!

Mickey Mouse in Festival Mystique costume (looking like something from Renaissance Venice) during DisneySea Halloween 2022.
DisneySea Halloween takes you to a whole new world! Image via Disney Tourist Blog.

In addition, DisneySea has extraordinary special events during Halloween! Adult guests were allowed to wear Disney-themed costumes on Halloween and enjoy a slew of themed food! Popular Halloween fare at DisneySea includes spiced beer cocktails, strawberry cheesecake, and delicious pasta! Don’t forget to check out their merchandise as well! It’s adorable and perfect for your Halloween 2022 album!

Best Witches in Anime

In contrast to their fairy tale counterparts, witches in anime are some of the cutest characters around! Instead of giving poisoned apples to princesses, these witches have cute cats, deliver mail, and wear lots of frilly clothing! Witches have been a massive part of anime since the late 1960s, and some are magical girls too!

An illustration of a cute redheaded witch happily gazing at a golden, glowing potion.
Most witches in anime are very friendly and cute! Image via Shutterstock

The most famous anime witch is Kiki from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service! After moving to a new town, Kiki–a little girl born with witch powers–develops her ability to fly! Afterward, she starts a delivery service with much success! 

Even though she’s successful, she loses her self-confidence and powers. Eventually, she learns to believe in herself again! Her story is timeless, and many people still love it today! You can expect to see many fans dress up as Kiki at your next Halloween party!

Other iconic anime witches include Yubaba from Spirited Away, Akko Kagari from Little Witch Academia, and Blair from Soul Eater, who has the power to turn into a black cat! Which witch is your favorite?

Looking to make your next Halloween spectacular? Try YumeTwins! Check out YumeTwins, the monthly subscription service that delivers branded kawaii goods right to your door every month!

Seven Japanese Superstitions

Superstitions are famous legends and beliefs based on supernatural forces, and Japan’s got plenty of them! Most of them originate from China, especially Taoism and Feng Shui! Many superstitions center around health, luck, and promising futures and are very different from what we believe in the West!

For example, black cats are considered good luck in Japan! They also represent prosperity and protection against danger. In addition, they also attract ideal suitors for single women! This superstition is so popular that some people even keep black cat statues outside their homes!

A cute print of kokeshi dolls dressed in red. According to Japanese superstiitons, kokeshi dolls are considered to be good luck.
Most Japanese superstitions center around good luck and health! Image via Shutterstock

However, some superstitions center on nighttime activities, such as whistling. Whistling at night will attract robbers and even tengu (demi-gods with red faces and long noses)! Another bad omen is breaking your hair comb at night, which can bring about a painful death!

Other Japanese superstitions relate to the direction you should sleep, covering your belly button, and especially avoiding the number four! Which of these superstitions have you heard of before?

Cute Yokai Spirits for Your Halloween 2022 Album!

On top of exciting superstitions, Japan is also home to many adorable mystical spirits, or yokai. Not only do they bring good luck, but they also have many talents, such as spinning thread and dancing! Even though some have bad reputations, numerous yokai are friendly and helpful!

Most people are familiar with yokai, such as the kappa, turtle-like water gods skilled in medicine. However, lesser-known yokai include the hahakigami, a lovable broom spirit who sweeps leaves during windy nights. They also ensure quick and safe childbirth in the home!

An illustration of a ghost cat yokai in a purple circle with paper lanterns, a moon and a jinja shrine.
There is so many cute yokai in Japan’s folklore! Image via Shutterstock

Some yokai are also friendly guests, such as zashiki warashi and ouni. Zashiki warashi are “guest room children” who bring good luck to the homes they visit. They usually wear kimonos and leave behind footprints. 

Ouni are fun witches who spin threads for people who are nice enough to let them into their homes! As you can see, many of these cute yokai spirits want to have a good time with humans!

Japanese Halloween Desserts

Japan is famous for its seasonal treats, and Halloween is no different! Even though trick-or-treating isn’t as popular, there’s no shortage of Halloween desserts for you to enjoy, from bite-size chocolates to full-on Krispy Kreme donuts! You can even make your spooky goodies from scratch if you want to!

Japan’s most common Halloween treats are Mont Blanc, fluffy pancakes, and custard pudding. Mont Blanc is a twist on a classic French pastry, usually made of chestnut paste and meringue cake! Because Halloween takes place during the fall, Japan uses a variety of autumn flavors, including pumpkin and sweet potatoes!

Three Halloween doughnuts on a black table featuring designs like a spider web, pumpkin and a mummy.  This was heavily featured in our Halloween 2022 album.
Japan’s got plenty of limited-edition Halloween treats for you to enjoy! Image via Shutterstock

Pancakes are very popular in Japan, especially the fluffy kind! You can find a lot of Halloween-themed flapjacks like pumpkins, cats, and ghosts! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use a mold of your favorite Halloween shape! 

Whether store-bought or homemade, there’s so much delicious and cute food to enjoy in Japan and add to your Halloween 2022 album! You can have anything from a mummy doughnut to pumpkin custards! Which ones would you like to make?

Halloween 2022 Album: Summary

The next time you find yourself in Japan on Halloween, why not celebrate it in style? You can head to Tokyo DisneySea and drink spiced beer cocktails while dressed as a princess! Plenty of anime also features fabulous witches, cute yokai spirits, and well-known superstitions!

A bunch of friends are gathered for a Halloween party, perfect for your Halloween 2022 album!
What memories would you like for your next Halloween? Image via Shutterstock

There’s also delicious Halloween food that you can get at the convenience store or make yourself! With Halloween flavors such as chestnut, sweet potato, and especially pumpkin, you and your friends can get creative! So what memories did you make for your personal Halloween 2022 album? Please let us know in the comments below.

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