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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture Blog5 Studio Ghibli Movies For Beginners!

5 Studio Ghibli Movies For Beginners!

By Sabrina Stone
June 17, 2019

Who doesn’t know Studio Ghibli? (♥ω♥*) Studio Ghibli is one of the most acclaimed animation studios in the world. They’ve brought to the world some of the most breath-taking, beautiful movies. With their creativity, they’ve been able to captivate audiences with amazing visuals and their legendary story-telling. It’s very rare but maybe you’ve not yet seen any movies from them? Don’t worry too much! Here’s our recommendation for our top 5 Studio Ghibli’s movies that beginners, and more importantly you, will love!

My Neighbor Totoro

My neighbor Totoro is a fantasy film written and directed by the one and only Hayao Miyazaki. The story features two children, Satsuki and Mei and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan named Totoro. My neighbor Totoro is a perfect movie to start entering Studio Ghibli world… it’s one of the most world-famous films for a reason after all! So, are you ready to go on your first adventure with Totoro?


Ponyo is a charming fairytale about the blossoming friendship between a five year old boy and an adorable little goldfish princess. Ponyo has dreamed of being a human, and much like the Little Mermaid, manages to venture on land where she meets Sosuke. As the two become closer Ponyo becomes miraculously more and more human! That is, until her Father decides he should intervene. The story itself is both stunning and enchanting. Have you managed to watch Ponyo yet?

Spirited Away

Another world renowned entry here, it’s an academy award winner and Japan’s highest grossing movie of all time! You can be guaranteed this movie has captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. One of Hayao Miyazaki’s greatest masterpieces for sure! But be careful, although it’s full of the usual Studio Ghibli magic, it can be a little creepy and frightening some a very young audience. Spirited away is a slightly edgy portrayal of a young girl that needs to grow up and take responsibility for herself. The way she does this is magical and beyond all expectations! Are you brave enough to watch Spirited Away?

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is an anime movie directed once again by Hayao Miyazaki and originally released in 1989. It is based on a classic Japanese children’s book of the same name by Eiko Kadono. The story features the titular character Kiki, born with witch’s blood, she starts her new life in a town unknown to her all alone. She trains hard and develops her witch’s skill to fly, starting a convenient delivery service not long after. Although it’s a hit with the locals, Kiki starts to have some serious self doubts and loses her powers as a consequence. Through the story, Kiki has to learn to be comfortable and true to herself if she ever wants her powers to return. It’s a fresh and youthful fantasy tale! Do you want to fly with Kiki some time?

Princess Mononoke

Hayao Miyazaki keeps on bringing the hits, this time with the film Princess Mononoke. Much like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke enjoyed a whirlwind of success as it became the highest grossing movie in Japan in 1999. The story is about Ashitaka on his journey to find a cure from the Deer God after being attacked and infected by an animal. On his travels he sees a changing world in which the harmony between humans and nature is disappearing rapidly. Enough to call down the wrath of the Wolf God and his human companion, Princess Mononoke. Although he tries to help bargain for peace with her, it doesn’t go too well. One of the reasons Princess Mononoke, and other entries into the Studio Ghibi library are celebrated, are their use of strong female characters. Princess Mononoke especially is a wonderful example of this!

Those are out top recommended Studio Ghibli films for beginners. That should keep you busy for a while, even if it’s rewatching ones you might have seen before! Time to plan a Studio Ghibli film night complete with drinks and popcorn I think! .+(´^ω^`)+. Do you have any other recommendations for newcomers? Maybe your favourite Studio Ghibli film isn’t on the list? If so, let us know which one it is in the comments!

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