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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogJapanese Fashion: Sakura Spring Edition!

Japanese Fashion: Sakura Spring Edition!

By Anna Ayvazyan
March 30, 2023
A woman wearing spring Japanese fashion in the form of a light purple shirt, a blue miniskirt and holding a bouquet of flowers.

There are numerous Japanese fashion styles to try out this spring! There’s something for everyone, from traditional kimono, looks to modern casual outfits to cosplay!

These styles appear new in spring to match the weather and setting. We’ll share Japanese fashion ideas and tactics for looking your best throughout the cherry blossom season!

A typical expression in Japanese for how you dress is ko-di or ko-de, borrowing words from the English word “coordination.” It matches your outfit to the season, place, or theme.

It’s similar to cosplay, except you don’t wholly imitate a character’s look. Fans of Detective Conan, for example, frequently “coordinate” with the anime by wearing all blue in unusual places.

Yukata and Hakama: Classic Japanese Fashion

The blooming of cherry blossoms marks the season of graduation and the start of work or school in Japan. College students typically graduate in mid-March while dressed in hakama or yukata. People often take pictures of themselves in these outfits under cherry blossoms!

A woman wearing a spring pink yukata while holidng a red parasol among the cherry blossoms in Japanese fashion.
Yukata is a classic piece of Japanese fashion! Image via Shutterstock

Even if you’re not graduating, wearing a yukata during this time is still super fun. Usually, there are many rental services around where you can rent a yukata for a few hours or a day! Yukata can be worn all year round and often has unique colors or designs for each season or event.

The central motifs used in yukata to coordinate with spring are sakura, wisteria, and butterflies. These themes come in many colors, such as pink, red, and purple. Yukata also pair well with obi (belts) and colorful hair accessories.

A young woman wearing an elaborate hakama which is a classic part of Japanese fashion.
Most women wear hakama during college graduation. Image via Shutterstock

Hakama is similar to yukata and is for special occasions such as graduations, shrine/temple duties, and traditional games like karuta. It is featured in the anime series Chihayafuru and has a range of colors and motifs. Springtime often sees people wearing pink, red, and purple hakama.

Outside traditional clothes, there are a few trendy items to wear during cherry blossom season. During March, the weather can be temperamental. Sometimes the temperature is around 50F (10 C), yet it can soar to 75F (23 C). Sobe, be sure to bring a jacket!


One item that can help in managing different temperatures is a cardigan. A cardigan is light enough to wear without getting too warm and has endless styling possibilities!

A woman wearing a cardigan with a blue sky and white clouds, against a yellow background, throwing up finger guns screen right.
Some cardigans even have cute prints on them! Image via Shutterstock

We recommend wearing a pink or white cardigan with a white dress to coordinate with the cherry blossoms. Another recommended way is to wear a white cardigan with top and blue jeans. A stylish way to wear it is over your shoulders, especially on a sunny day! 

A woman wearing a lime green cardigan against a blue background.
Cardigans are usually very light. Image via Shutterstock

A 2023 trend gaining traction is wearing a mini cardigan with a voluminous skirt. This look is classy and perfect whether you go out with friends or on a date! If you go for this look, you should wear sandals to complete the outfit! Some trending Japanese brands selling cardigans this season are Titivate, Mila Owen, Saison de Papillon, and Lily Brown. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have started getting popular in Japan because of their versatility! Cargo pants can create stunning and mature silhouettes! Usually, the pants have several pockets, so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag around. They can also be handy when you want to sit on the ground and have a hanami party.

A woman wearing a black crop top and cargo pants in the street.
Cargo pants are very comfortable and versatile! Image via Shutterstock

Recommended items to coordinate with cargo pants this season are logo-printed long-sleeve t-shirts and mini-handle bags. For those who want a more feminine silhouette, cargo skirts are also getting popular!

A woman wearing a black crop top and cargo pants stretching on a yellow bar in a park.
Not to mention, they come in all types of colors! Image via Shutterstock

They can be worn interchangeably with cargo pants, depending on the situation! Some trending modern designers selling cargo pants this season are Journal Standard, Maison Club, GENXDER, and WeGo. 

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Blazers were trendy last year in spring in Japanese fashion trends, and it looks like it has continued this year too! This season, the blazer is a must-have, providing sleek silhouettes and a relaxing feel. These jackets also help with the transitioning weather and can help emphasize your pants or skirt!

An ombre green blazer learning back and looking up.
Blazers are very trendy during the springtime. Image via Shutterstock

Moreover, blazers can also help blend work and play together. It is suitable to wear while working or looking at beautiful spring scenery. You can wear them with jeans, dresses and even slacks! Some recommended Japanese brands selling blazers this season are: Noble, Uniqlo, and Day’s Closet. 

Japanese Fashion: Spring Colors!


As mentioned previously, pink is a trendy color to wear this season. By wearing pink, you can blend in with your surroundings, such as with the cherry blossoms! Other flowers bloom during this time, so it can also create some contrast.

It’s a very bright and fun color for anybody! Image via Shutterstock

In Japan, pink is not only worn by girls but also a popular color for boys! It is common for shops to sell unisex pink shirts for this reason. Girls can also find various pink dresses and skirts in the store.


Khaki is a bit more understated, but it’s still a very natural color. Image via Shutterstock

Khaki has become a popular color this season and is suitable for strikingly contrasting an outfit. Japanese brands offer a range of khaki-colored items, such as pants and jackets, with cargo pants becoming particularly popular. It is also famous for cosplay, with characters from Wotakoi and Kemono Jihen wearing khaki pants.


Last spring season saw many color block styles becoming fashionable, and it is here to stay! It is common in Japan to wear cream-colored clothes, so if you wear blue, you will stand out!

A woman wearing Japanese fashion in the form of a royal blue satin suit and white sunglasses.
Blue is a bold spring color. Image via Shutterstock

Many Japanese fashion shops currently sell items such as long blue dresses, blue jeans, pants, and tops. Spring brings beautiful blue skies, so you can coordinate perfectly with the weather and look super cute by wearing blue!

There are so many different ways to dress in spring. Coordinating your outfit with the beautiful cherry blossoms can be very fun! What Japanese fashion do you want to wear this spring? What are your favorite colors to wear? Let us know in the comments below! 

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