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Kawaii Kimono: Fantastic Tips and Tricks!

By Thuy Fang
February 13, 2023
Two women in adorable kawaii kimono admiring cherry blossoms.

The kawaii (cute) kimono is perfect for springtime, especially with cherry blossom season on the way! The kimono is a significant part of Japanese fashion! Over the years, many people have worn kawaii kimono and yukata and retained the sophistication and grace of a national costume. 

Let’s take a look at some suggestions for kawaii kimono! You may need them someday.

Holographic Kawaii Kimono

This kimono is gorgeous and eye-catching! The hologram is a calm tone suitable for young people and those who love sweet sparkles. Holographic textures have good reflective properties with bright colors and create fanciful 3D images. This cute color combination has been trending and striking for many clothing and fashion accessories in recent years. 

A rainbow holographic kimono by Gofukuyasan with a brown cat on the black obi.
Gofukuyasan has a lot of unique kimono, ranging from holographic prints to famous paintings! Image via SALZ Tokyo.

So, why not try on a holographic kimono? Indeed, you’ll stand out in a traditional kimono like that, and Gofukuyasan is a unique place to find one. More unique than most other holographic items, the material Gofukuyasan’s kimono uses is not holographic foil but rather hologram-printed fabrics. 

Even so, the kimono is still shiny and stunning by recreating the contrast of light and combining the dominant colors of holographic art on the fabric. Furthermore, Gofukuyasan also provides customers with holographic kimono models for both awase (including body lining) and hitoe (unlined).

Animal-Printed Yukata

There’s no doubt that animal print outfits are super cute, so kimono is no exception. Nowadays, you can easily find traditional-style kimonos with animal prints such as koi fish, usagi-chan (bunny), and neko-chan (kitty). 

A girl wearing a bright pink and blue kawaii kimono, also known as a furisode.
The kawaii kimono is perfect for all ages! Image via Shutterstock

Silk fabrics covered with funny animal motifs create kawaii kimonos for kids in Japan. Then this is one of the traditional Japanese costume choices that will make you more adorable. 

In addition, wearing a kimono with pictures of your animated childhood friends is also a great choice! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, or even Donald Duck. One or all of these Disney characters can appear on your kawaii kimono and immerse you in the world of your childhood.

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Anime Characters’ Kawaii Kimono

If you are a fan of anime, there’s plenty of kawaii kimono to go around! Kimono outfits like these will help you stand out at traditional Japanese festivals or cosplay events.

Illustration of a woman in a red kimono, standing on a bridge near the sunset.
There are a lot of anime characters who are dressed in adorable kimono! Image via Shutterstock

Typically, the kawaii kimono of Kamado Nezuko from the well-known anime series Demon Slayer is also popular and becoming one of the most trendy costumes in recent anime and cosplay events.

Besides, you can refer to some other super cute choices like pink kimono with cherry blossom patterns of Sakura or a violet kimono with lily flower patterns of Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Kawaii Yukata

The highlight of a kimono set is always the obi (a cloth belt worn with the kimono). Although it acts as a belt, the patterns and colors of the obi are always sophisticated and must be in harmony with the kimono.

Rear shot of four people wearing Japanese clothing, with various colored sashes.
Kawaii obi is a major part of this adorable look! Image via Shutterstock

Pre-tied obi with cat face prints have been popular lately because they are cute beyond words, and we can quickly put them on. Also, there’s a variety of lovely animal print patterns used for kimono belts, such as goldfish, Japanese cranes, or butterflies. Yet, rarer Japanese animals also became lovable, drawing patterns on the obi, namely bats, shrimp, and pandas.  

Moreover, musubi (obi knot) is also an element that makes your kimono more kawaii! Even though there are countless creative ways to tie obi-like creating a cat ear or rabbit ear musubi, a few cute traditional obi knotting styles will undoubtedly surprise you:

  • Asagao musubi: The obi knot is shaped like a Japanese morning glory flower and is best for children’s kimono.
  • Ayame musubi: The obi knot looks like an iris blossom. It is one of the most intricate and aesthetically pleasing obi knots. 
  • Chouchou musubi: The obi knot is in the shape of a giant butterfly; it’s the most popular musubi attached to ready-made obi. 

Have you jotted down a few ideas? Feel free to share the kawaii kimono you want in the comment below!

And remember to follow our upcoming blogs for more unique cutenesses from Japan!

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