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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogKimono Dress: Great for Upcycling!

Kimono Dress: Great for Upcycling!

By Anne Poesnecker
May 10, 2023
A woman wearing a bright, purple and yellow kimono dress during the day while holding a red parasol.

The kimono dress and intricate designs have remained essential to Japanese culture and fashion. Recently more and more efforts have been made to upcycle and repurpose vintage fabrics from these beautiful traditional dresses. By repurposing them, we can transform them into unique pieces that are as meaningful as they are trendy! 

Need some inspiration? Here we’ll cover some creative and unique ways people have transformed kimono fabrics into everyday modern pieces. Trust us when we say that the possibilities are endless with upcycling kimonos! 

One-of-a-kind accessories for a kimono dress!

Using kimono fabrics allows for creating accessories that are just as unique and enchanting as you are! In fact- with these fabrics as the muse, anyone can create some of the cutest and most eco-friendly accessories out there! 

The kimono’s detailed designs and playful colors are just waiting to be transformed with these cute trinkets! Ideal accessories include fabulous earrings, statement pendants, scrunchies, or anything your heart desires.

A woman bowing in a traditional Japanese garment.
Buying a new kimono can be pretty expensive. Image via Shutterstock

Each piece that’s created becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art that honors the cultural heritage of the kimono! In addition, upcycling kimonos also reduces waste and promotes sustainability! Jewelry is the finishing touch that takes an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary! 

Adding earrings made with upcycled kimono fabrics to any ensemble can add a uniquely head-turning element to any look! Sustainably and one-of-a-kind, nothing can quite match up to the pair you’ll have on!  

A rear, neck-up view of a woman in a kimono dress looking at out-of-focus paper cranes.
Kimonos are very easy to take apart and reassemble. Image via Shutterstock

Beautifully delicate hairpins are another popular upcycling choice! When made from repurposed kimono fabrics, these traditionally styled pins make the perfect addition to any outfit! These unique accessories perfectly blend traditional Japanese culture and trendy modern styles. If one thing is sure, accessories like these are a statement addition to any outfit! 

If you’re as obsessed with bags as we are, then the trend of repurposing kimono fabric into bags is for you! From classic shoulder bags to trendy totes- these bags incorporate the charming motifs of the kimonos in ways you wouldn’t believe.

Whether using them daily or saving them as a statement piece for special occasions, bags made from kimono dress material are a beautiful and eco-friendly addition to any wardrobe! 

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Formal Dresses 

The best part about a kimono is, of course, wearing one! The experience of wearing a kimono is like no other. Luckily, repurposing kimono fabrics into beautiful ready-to-wear modern dresses is the specialty of many designers like Kyoto-based Kien. 

A woman wearing an indigo and pink kimono dress while sitting in a tatami room.
Kimonos are usually very formal garments. Image via Shutterstock

Regarding everyday outfits, kimono dresses like these let you have your cake and eat it, too- you get the elegance and tradition of a kimono with the practicality and trendy styles of a modern outfit! With so many styles to suit any occasion, from casual day dresses to elegant evening gowns, you’ll never run out of ways to wear kimono-inspired clothing! 

With so many options, we hope you’ve been inspired to find new and exciting ways to incorporate upcycling kimono dress fabrics into your wardrobe! Whether you try to create your unique piece or purchase a repurposed dress or accessory from your favorite artist, incorporating kimono fabrics into your wardrobe is a must-do! 

Why is kimono upcycling great for sustainable fashion?

Want to look stylish while also saving the planet? Kimono upcycling is the way to go! It gives old kimono fabrics a new lease of life and helps reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of producing new fabrics.

Using high-quality, durable materials allows us to enjoy long-lasting and fashionable clothing and accessories. And let’s not forget about the cultural significance of supporting traditional crafts and small businesses that make them.

An elaborately designed kimono dress featuring loud patterns.
Upcycled kimonos are suitable for fashion and the environment. Image via Shutterstock

So why not join the eco-friendly fashion movement and upcycle a kimono fabric into your wardrobe? It’s a fun and trendy way to show off your unique style while positively impacting the world. Let’s be cool and eco-conscious at the same time!

How would you incorporate upcycled kimonos into your wardrobe? Don’t forget to share your inspiration below!

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