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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogFive of The Best Witches in Anime!

Five of The Best Witches in Anime!

By Bianca Bache
October 26, 2022
An illustration of a cute redheaded witch happily gazing at a golden, glowing potion.

Witches are shrouded in mystery! They are stereotyped as having bone-chilling cackles, boiling cauldrons of mysterious liquids, pointy hats, and scary black cats. When you imagine a witch you don’t think of billowy pink dresses, groups of laughing best friends or kawaii black cats. Luckily for us, witches in anime heavily contrast the outdated idea of what a witch should be!

Anime witches are often known as adorable delinquents who charm their way into our hearts. Unsurprisingly in anime, witches have become abundantly popular. In true Halloween spirit, here at YumeTwins, we have compiled our top 5 must-watch witches from anime series and anime movies.

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Kiki 

Although Kiki’s Delivery Service was released in the 80s, the art, storyline, and characters still remain charmingly beautiful. Hayao Miyazaki creates an enchanting coming-of-age story that follows Kiki, a 13-year-old witch-in-training who is on a self-discovery journey. The good-natured fantasy film is filled with seaside cuteness, traditional witchy spells, humor, and classic Japanese slice-of-life vibes. 

Kiki and Jiji illustration from Kiki's Delivery Service
The cutest witch and black cat combo – Kiki and Jiji! Image via Shutterstock

We are taken for a ride with the young witch as she learns about her powers, makes friendships, and runs the risk of losing her magic altogether. In true witch fashion, Kiki has a snarky black cat, Jiji, who helps her with her training and independence. The Studio Ghibli-animated film is one of the best witch anime out there, perfect for the spooky season! 

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Witches in anime: Little Witch Academia – Akko Kagari

Little Witch Academia follows a group of young girls who attend Luna Nova Magical Academy so that they can train in witchery. Studio Trigger’s magical high school anime stars a lovable cast of odds-defying magical heroines, whilst creating a vibrant animation, and a captivating story. This comforting and wholesome anime gem follows a traditional Japanese anime theme. 

Witch cast from Little Witch Academia riding on brooms
The Little Witch Academia is the perfect wholesome anime gem for Halloween! Image via Wallpaperaccess

The main protagonists’ journeys on self-discovery, even though they lack discipline in their skills, are much like My Hero Academia. In this anime series, Akko Kagari is the main protagonist that enrolls in a magical school without any magical powers. With determination and a bit of hope, she tries to figure it out along the way. With an adorable art style and enchanting characters, this anime is definitely worth watching for a fun and cute twist on a witchcraft and wizardry tale.

Spirited Away – Yubaba/Zeniba

Another Ghibli cult classic is Spirited Away where two characters are classified as witches. The extremely powerful family members, are Yubaba and Zeniba. Yubaba is the main antagonist of the film who is extremely overbearing and has an intimidating personality.

Yubaba from Spirited Away anime in a big coat covering her face
Yubaba appearance and personality leans more towards to the traditional ideas of a witch. Image via Shutterstock

Yubaba’s appearance leans more towards the stereotype of a witch, even her witchy abilities like transformation, sensing, flight, and telekinesis follow this old idea. Although she’s not a kawaii witch, the world within Spirited Away is truly magical and immersive and well worth adding to your Halloween movie night. 

Witches in anime: Soul Eater – Blair 

Soul Eater is an anime series that doesn’t heavily focus on witches, but it does have some fabulous witch characters! And one of our favorites is the powerful witch, Blair! Blair has been popular among fan bases for many years now. She has a loveable and charming personality with a twist of fun quirkiness. 

Blair from soul eater as a black cat wearing a witch cat
Blair is an all-powerful witch that has the ability to turn into a black cat. Image via Wallerpapersafari

Blair is known as a cat witch, which means she can shapeshift into the sweetest black cat. In Soul Eater, Blair uses witchcraft works to assist the protagonists, Maka and Soul on their adventures of collecting souls. Soul Eater is a must-watch anime with its gothic-fantasy aesthetics, its wacky premise, and comedy. The show has a unique storyline with heartfelt themes like friendship and courage mixed in with super lovable and quirky characters.

Sugar Sugar Rune – Chocolat Meilleure/Vanilla Mieux 

Last on our best witches list, which we believe is slightly underrated for its wholesomeness of it, is the anime Sugar Sugar Rune. This anime centers around two best friend witch hunters who are competing against each other for the Queen of the Witch World’s throne. Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux travel to the Human World on their journey to their throne to complete a task. And that task? Compete with each other on who can collect the most human hearts! 

Witch anime Sugar Sugar Rune - Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux next to eachother
The ultimate best friend witches duo, Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux! Image via Wallpapercave 

Contrary to what you may think, they don’t rip out hearts, instead, they make boys fall in love with them! Sugar Sugar Rune is the perfect witch anime that you can sit back, relax and enjoy glitter, sparkle, and a wild theme! This is a super sweet and peppy magic-based anime where you watch good witches go on a magical journey. 

Anime witch wearing a black dress holding a wand with a pumpkin end, next to her is a black cat
In anime witches are seen as kawaii characters rather than unseemly evil characters. Image via Shutterstock

Whether you’re wanting to watch traditional witches or other mystical creatures in anime, like Yubaba, or after something a bit more kawaii, like Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux. There is an abundance of Halloween anime witches for everybody this spooky season!  

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