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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogDisneySea Halloween 2022-Everything You Need to Know!

DisneySea Halloween 2022-Everything You Need to Know!

By Thalia Harris
October 21, 2022
Mickey Mouse in Festival Mystique costume (looking like something from Renaissance Venice) during DisneySea Halloween 2022.

Tokyo DisneySea Halloween is a feast for the senses every single year! From Mysterious Island to Port Discovery, Disney Park is caught up in its spooky season! You may have heard of mainstays like the Tower of Terror, but what else is in store for us this Halloween! Let’s put on our costumes and find out!

What Is DisneySea?

Tokyo DisneySea is the more mature sister park of Tokyo Disneyland. While Tokyo Disneyland is a more compact version of DisneyWorld (complete with its own Cinderella Castle), DisneySea is more of a nautical-themed amusement park!

Mt. Prometheus at night, shroded in blue and reflecting against the water.
Mt. Prometheus is Tokyo DisneySea’s prominent landmark. Image via Disney Tourist Blog

With Mt. Prometheus at its center, DisneySea has seven themed ports, or “port-of-calls”. They include “Arabian Coast”, modeled after the movie Aladdin, “Mermaid Lagoon”, modeled after The Little Mermaid, and “American Waterfront”, inspired by the American Northeast in the early 20th century.

Also, in 2023, there will be an additional eighth port-of-call, “Fantasy Springs”, inspired by the movie Frozen. It’s said to be the most significant expansion to date, so keep an eye out for it!

While both parks offer the immersion expected of most theme parks, DisneySea’s international vibe makes you feel like you’re no longer in the Tokyo area! Once you enter, you’ve whisked away to beautiful and daring places worldwide! You can take a trip on a gondola or the jungle and even take a wild roller coaster inside a roaring volcano!

An interior shot of Mermaid Lagoona during DisneySea 2022. It's dark, but brightly lit.
Mermaid Lagoon is an indoor port-of-call. It really makes you feel like you’re underwater! Image via Tokyo Disney Blog.

DisneySea has a relaxed and enchanting vibe, which is why adult Disney fans love it. They even offer tasty alcoholic beverages at restaurants and food stalls throughout the park! It has creative parades on elaborate boats, including Mickey Mouse and his friends. And to top it all off, DisneySea is home to Duffy the Bear and his adorable group of cuddly friends!

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What Makes It So Special During Halloween?

Only children are allowed to wear Disney costumes at Tokyo Disney Resort during most of the year. This is because the company doesn’t want to get adult guests and Disney Cast Members confused. However, adults are allowed to wear Disney costumes during the Halloween event!  

However, this perk is only for guests holding Special Event tickets. You must enter the park between 8 am and 10 am to get this admission. Make sure to dress up ahead of time because no changing rooms are available in the park! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures while you’re all dressed!

What Can We Expect for DisneySea Halloween 2022?

DisneySea’s general Halloween event is a bit more understated than Disneyland’s. But there’s still much to enjoy, especially entertainment, food/drink, and merchandise! Not to mention the gorgeous Halloween decor throughout the park! Let’s see what’s in store for us!


It wouldn’t be a Disney Halloween celebration without fireworks! That’s why you can enjoy “Night High Halloween” every night during this season, a fireworks display that lights up both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!

Meanwhile, at the Lost River Delta (home to the famous Indiana Jones dark ride), you can catch the “Halloween Time with You” show! It’s a live show featuring spooky themes and beloved blasts from the past! These characters and visuals appeared during previous seasons, so it’s an excellent opportunity to catch up on anything you missed!

Finally, and as always, you can meet your favorite Disney characters in real life at the Mediterranean Harbor. In particular, Mickey Mouse and his friends will dress up in their “Festival Mystique” outfits, referencing a popular Halloween show back in 2019. 


You can find so many delicious things to eat and drink at DisneySea! There are plenty of alcoholic cocktails to enjoy as well. You can enjoy cocktails like spiced beer, rum with pink grapefruit, and vodka with green apples during Halloween!

Two glasses of spiced cassis-flavored beer.
These Halloween beer cocktails are pretty spicy! Image via WDW News Today.

However, there’s only one place in DisneySea to enjoy a Halloween-themed full-course meal! That place is Ristorante di Canaletto, located in Mediterranean Harbor. They have two courses: the first features an involtini, juicy beef wrapped in uncured ham! Then the other choice is red sea bream aqua pazza!  

The set course for Halloween at DisneySea
Just look at this classy and spooky spread! Image via WDW News Today.

Everything tastes good at DisneySea, but their Halloween menu is definitely something you don’t want to miss!


Ever wanted to see Mickey Mouse as a cute little ghost? You’re lucky because this year’s Halloween theme is “Spooky Boo”! There’s a variety of accessories you can get, from keychains and T-shirts to plushies and hats! Let’s not forget about the cups, hats, and stationery!

People know Tokyo DisneySea for its exotic locale, stylish merchandise, and flashy entertainment! And this Halloween is no different! While it’s a bit more pared down from previous years, the spirit of Halloween is still living on! And you can head on over and enjoy the festivities until October 31st!

Even though most people go to Tokyo DisneySea as a day trip, those who opt for an extended stay can enjoy themselves at the Hotel MiraCosta! Not only is it luxurious, but they also have their own Halloween-themed menus! Whether you stay for a day or a whole week, this park offers so much!

So are you excited about Tokyo DisneySea Halloween? What are you excited about the most? And if you go, let us know in the comments below!

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