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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogDuffy and Friends: Who Are They?

Duffy and Friends: Who Are They?

By Devon Lord-Moncrief
July 07, 2023
A bunch of Duffy and Friends stuffed plushies.

Duffy and Friends is a Disney franchise popular in Japan, especially at Tokyo DisneySea! He’s a classic teddy bear with a cute sailor hat and many iconic animal friends! But why is he so popular in Japan? Here’s the story behind this theme park‘s lovable bear!

Who Is Duffy the Bear?

Unlike many other Disney characters, Duffy the Bear has two different origin stories. When Duffy was first introduced, they told the first story, but as his popularity grew, they gave him a new story that better fit into the world of Disney around him.

A bunch of Duffy teddy bears in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Duffy was originally created for DisneyWorld in the US. Image via Shutterstock

The first story of Duffy the Disney Bear was simple but effective and to the point. One day Mickey felt lonely and wished for a best friend. Overhearing his wish, Tinkerbell sprinkled magic dust on Mickey’s bear Duffy and brought him to life. While this is not the current origin story for Duffy, it still has many of the cute and magical elements found in Duffy’s latest story.

The story that they told later and has since become the official story for Duffy is much more detailed and exciting. They say that when Mickey was a sea captain, he often became sad because he missed his friends back home.

Wanting to make Mickey happy on his sea voyages, Minnie Mouse made Mickey a special bear and put him inside Mickey’s duffle bag with a note that said, “I hope this bear gives you happiness and luck!” Mickey then decided to name the bear “Duffy.”

A gray stuffed cat named Gelatoni. He is part of the Duffy and Friends franchise.
Gelatoni’s a painter from Image via TDR Explorer

That night, when Mickey went to sleep, he dreamed that Duffy was dressed like a sailor and said, “Mickey, let’s go on adventures together!” The following day, Mickey found Duffy dressed just like he was in his dream! When Mickey got home, he showed Duffy to his friends, and the bear proved so popular that Minnie and Daisy Duck made a Duffy bear for each of their friends. 

Why does Duffy have two origin stories?

Duffy the Disney Bear has a unique origin in that, unlike many other Disney characters, he was not first introduced in a TV show or movie. Instead, Duffy was first introduced at Walt Disney World’s (in Florida) Downtown Disney Once Upon a Toy store in 2002. Needing a special item to commemorate their opening, the toy store offered Duffy as a special bear. 

A gray rabbit named Stella Lou near a pink pole.
Who wouldn’t wanna party with Stellalou! Image via TDR Explorer

Members of The Oriental Land Company had been seeking new and exciting ideas to promote. With the popularity of teddy bears being very high, they decided to adopt the character in 2004. The creators gave Duffy his name, designed his sailor outfit, and crafted his backstory. Tokyo DisneySea Park heavily marketed Duffy.

A pink stuffed cat named LinaBell.
LinaBell is one of the newer additions to the franchise! Image via Time Out

In 2010, American Disney Parks and the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort featured Duffy for the first time. In 2012 Duffy made his debut at Disneyland Paris, thus giving him a large international presence. Over the years since his appearance around the world, Duffy the Disney Bear has received many unique friends.

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A teddybear with a ribbon on her head named ShellieMay.
ShellieMay is one of Duffy’s closest friends. Image via WDMT

ShellieMay is a bear just like Duffy, who shares a very similar story with Duffy. When Minnie learned how popular Duffy had become, she decided to make a friend just for Duffy. Duffy became a little nervous when he heard Minnie was making him a new friend, but they became fast friends when he gave her a seashell.


Gelatoni is a tuxedo cat that loves drawing pictures and painting! When Mickey and Duffy were visiting Italy, Duffy accidentally dropped the gelato he was eating. When a tuxedo cat approached them and cheerfully began to paint with the fallen ice cream, Mickey and Duffy laughed and told the cat they wanted to paint, too. Soon, the three became good friends!


A cute stuffed dog named CookieAnn.
She’s an adorable dog! Image via Daps Magic

One day when Duffy was eating cotton candy, he saw a giant pile of waffles walking toward him. The waffles bumped into him, and Duffy’s cotton candy got mixed up with the waffles. The dog carrying the waffles, CookieAnn, suggested Duffy try a cotton candy and waffle sandwich. Liking the new sweet snack, Duffy and CookieAnn became friends after their unexpected meeting!


When Mickey and Duffy were outside, they separated from one another while following some butterflies. Lost, Duffy came across a pink fox named LinaBell. LinaBell helped Duffy find his way back to Mickey, where the three quickly became friends!


A stuffed seagull named TippyBlue.
He’s a friendly seagull! Image via Twitter

TippyBlue is a seagull that Mickey and Duffy met one day. He asked Mickey and Duffy about the adventures they had gone on together and confessed that he was scared of adventures because of all the things that could go wrong. Mickey and Duffy reassured TippyBlue that adventuring wasn’t so bad. Duffy then told TippyBlue he could help deliver the letters he would send from his adventures to his friends worldwide!


Duffy met StellaLou the rabbit when she was practicing her dance moves one day. StellaLou told Duffy that dreamed of becoming a dancer. Duffy was confused and thought dreams only happen when you sleep, but StellaLou explained that dreams can also be things people hope for. Duffy wished StellaLou good luck in her dreams of becoming a famous dancer!


While Mickey and Duffy were sailing and searching for a good present for ShellieMay, they heard someone playing the ukelele. They met ‘Olu the turtle, who asked if they wanted to sing with him while he played his ukelele. Mickey and Duffy agreed and thought that would be a wonderful gift for ShellieMay.

A green stuffed turtle named 'Olu. He is part of the Duffy and Friends franchise.
This adorable turtle came from Hawaii! Image via Journeys with Disney

Duffy’s story is a classically Disney-style tale that comes to life. A toy meant to become a good friend for Mickey Mouse was given a life of his own and then became best friends with people worldwide. With plenty of his friends, Duffy created an entire world for him. Duffy the Disney Bear is a fairy tale come true!

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