Sanrio or San-X Cooling Mesh Cushion

Made of mesh fabric, this huge plushie-like cushion stays cool to the touch to invigorate you and melt away stress. The round, sprawled-out shape makes a laid-back mood in your creative space. It can be used as a pillow to rest your head, in the back of your chair for back-support, or just as a buddy to cheer you on!

Sanrio Sewing Kit

Think sewing seems too difficult? Think again! Jump into the world of stitchery with this step-by-step sewing kit! First-timers and veterans alike will have all the pieces necessary to create a Sanrio felt-plushie keychain mascot!

Petit DIY Supplies Container

Personalize your container by filling it with tools & accessories that support your creative vision! Especially useful for sorting small multipurpose tools such as thumb tacks, clips, batteries, screws, brushes + more! Stackable with secure lid.

Collapsible Pocket Scissors

Standard in pencil cases & stationery sets across Japan, these thin scissors fold like reading glasses into their case. Fits in your bag, purse, makeup pouch, or even a pen stand! Ideal for opening packages, tags, homework, or DIY time!

Foldable Protractor-Ruler

Multipurpose, this ruler measures from 15cm to 30cm at its longest, and includes a protractor as well. Not just for math homework, it's handy when ordering a product online, for instance, to easily check and compare size. Draw, design, and keep your lines straight & neat!

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