YumeTwins Exclusive: Mameshiba Sakura Puppy

Meet spring's newest mascot: Sasuke of the Mameshiba Triplets! Cat & dog people will both agree, this doggy is c-u-t-e! Designed exclusively for YumeTwins by AMUSE with sakura-pink fur, a cherry blossom on its ear, and stylish scarf, you’ll love this pup!

Sanrio Kitty Pals Pouch

This double zipper pouch with a fish tin motifーa feline favorite!ーis topped with a pull-tab shaped accent for full effect. Decorated with popular Sanrio characters in kawaii cat costumes, and comes in two varieties: 'Tuna' or 'Salmon'. Works beautifully in a vanity area or on a nightstand.

Kawaii Character Drawstring Pouch

The more you fill up this soft & stretchy 'kinchaku' style drawstring pouch, the more it becomes plushie-like, round and kawaii! A super convenient way to carry, it's ideal for all sorts of situations and can hold snacks, goodies, cosmetics, you name it! Hang in your room for a cute decoration when not in carry-mode. Comes in seven character variants.

Kirby 8-Bit Coaster

Relive the glory days of old-school Nintendo with this retro-inspired drink coaster! Perfectly pixelated, the durable rubber material is waterproof and grips strongly onto your drinkware to prevent slipping. This makes it ideal for repeated use anywhere from the kitchen to your workspace. Comes in six fun design variants to make you feel like you're in Kirby's world!

Yume-Kawaii Tamago Hairbrush

Pastel eggs in spring are a must! The egg-shaped design fits comfortably in your hand as it glides through your hair, and is compact enough to easily take along wherever you go. Plus, the brush is constructed so that your hair won't become tangled. Comes in 4 kawaii design variants.

Spring Blossom Kitchen Hot Mat

This multipurpose wizard is ideal as a pot holder, a glove, or even a plant stand! Use in the entryway or bedrooms to place keys or jewelry. Either design variant will add a pop of color to your space: Sakura (pink background) & Japanese Plum (cream background).

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