Cinnamoroll Devil Pouch Plushie

You'll have the best trick-or-treat buddy with this Cinnamoroll Exclusive only from YumeTwins! Includes a zipper pouch & handle for storage and easy carry!

Sanrio & Ghoulish Trio Animated Long Hats

Feel the Halloween spirit with these entertaining hats! Squeeze the handle and the inner air-pump bounces the ears or wings up and down! Great for Halloween pics, selfies, or insta stories! Its 'free-size' fits anyone!

Nintendo 'Kirie' Keychain

Nintendo characters represent the imagination and costume traditions of Halloween so well! Each Kirby or Pokemon design has a striking, high-quality Japanesque backdrop. This style imitates 'kirie', a traditional Japanese art form.

Hello Kitty Surprise Choco Egg

A first for YumeTwins, we've included an edible treat to celebrate Halloween! Hidden inside the tasty & sweet chocolate egg is a capsule containing one of 23 variations of Hello Kitty! Which costumed Kitty will you get?

Halloween Ghost Bath Bomb

In another first for YumeTwins, we're supplying you with a wellness item to help warm your body after trick or treating! Comes in multiple variations & scents. Both include one of nine original ghost mascot toys hidden inside!

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