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Cute Zipper Bags

Time to go on a staycation! When packing, you’ll need something to carry small items, snacks, and more in! You’re in luck since you can find some incredibly cute zipper bags in your kawaii box! They came in 6 different character designs. Which did you get?

8921ad85a91368a8cbb1a9b112b363ce2f729b5c september 2018 sanrio eco bag 1

Sanrio Eco Bag

When you go on a trip, bags are everything! This month you can find a super kawaii and incredibly durable Sanrio Eco Bag! This bag is perfect to carry all your staycation goods and has a button at the top of the bag to keep them secure! This comes in six different designs! Did you get Little Twin Stars or My Melody?

A6d861da1a5f2eaa789c19fe87971e95f619d184 september 2018 character toothbrush kit 2

Character Toothbrush Kit

If you are going somewhere overnight on your mini-trip, you’ll need to keep your teeth healthy! So, we included this super cute toothbrush kit into this month's Japan box. This kit comes in either a Totoro or Hello Kitty design and features a foldable toothbrush and cup set. It is incredibly portable, which makes it great for trips!

201c2ae6a6adec1e33d545823e7ae3377337c401 september 2018 onsen bird plushies 3

Onsen Bird Plushies

The kawaii plushies this month are these adorable Onsen Birds! Onsen are natural hot springs in Japan that many people take weekend trips to go visit. Often times many people go with friends and family and stay overnight at popular onsen! They feel refreshed after a long week. Where would go to relax?

1eec521bbbc9f5502e6e97c89cc989b379ee2905 september 2018 disney tsum tsum tumbler 4

Disney Tsum Tsum Tumbler

One key item on a trip is a tumbler! Everyone loves to bring their favorite drinks with them wherever they go, and this cute Disney Tsum Tsum one from this month's Japanese subscription box will help you do just that! Which Disney Tsum Tsum character do you love?

D90dd80f780c3de3fd112bb769bae47b06412503 september 2018 marumofubiyori sticky notes 5

Marumofubiyori Sticky Notes

When you go on a trip, you will need to make sure things are marked and organized! To help  you do just that, kawaii Sanrio character Marumofubiyori is here with these super cute sticky notes! One set comes with 8 different styles. What style is your fav?