Sanrio Reusable Pocket Straw

Save money and reduce waste with this set of 2 reusable silicone straws! Comes in its own carrying case for easy portability and includes a cleaning brush!

Kawaii Character Plush Bag

Soft to the touch, this bag has two inner compartments plus an outer front pocket for ultimate convenience! Stay organized and carry everything you need!

Giant Milk Carton Pouch

Big, spacious and super versatile, it's the perfect sidekick for your busy schedule! Serves as a pencil & stationery pouch or even an accessory & makeup pouch!

TsumTsum Light Bulb Erasers

These kawaii mini-erasers come 12 per set! Store the container in your bag, pouch, or use it as a keychain! Great for sketching, homework, journaling, or just taking some notes!

Dreamy Nail Polish Highlighter

Make your notes & memos pop with this yume-kawaii highlighter! Shaped as a nail polish bottle, this stylish tool is at home in pencil cases or as decoration for desktops & shelves!

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