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Chibi Animal Plushie

One of the best self care practices is snuggling up to our favorite animals! These plump and squeezable chibi plushies are so cute and round, you won’t be able to keep your hands off of them! There are 12 different varieties of the plushies with animal friends including pandas, cats, hamsters, bunnies, and more!

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Sanrio Toothbrush

We take our hygiene very seriously here at YumeTwins we have included this adorable toothbrush featuring some friends from Sanrio! Not only will this make brushing your teeth more fun, but it pairs perfectly with last month’s Cube Toothbrush Stand! These adorable Sanrio toothbrushes come in 5 different designs from Little Twin Stars, Hello Kitty, Tuxedo Sam, My Melody, and Pochacco.

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Furry Friends Floor Mat

In this month’s box you’ll find your very own furry friend floor mat! It comes in 15 different designs and each one is 45 by 45 cm big! Each mat is made of 100% cotton and are an adorable way to spice up your floor or even be used as a bathroom mat!

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Kirby Bath Ball

Pamper yourself this month with this Kirby Bath Ball! Throw this into your bath for a fizzy and magical fantasy! There are two different variations that you can get, either one that will make your bath water a sparkling yellow or one that will turn into a firey hot pink! The best part? There is a Kirby gachapon prize hidden in each bath ball!

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Gudetama Facial Sponge

Skincare is such a therapeutic method of self care! Incorporate this adorable Gudetama facial sponge into your daily skincare routine to remove excess dirt and oil from your pores. The sponge is made of 100% natural fiber from Konjac, plus you can use it to wash your face without any cleanser! Just add some water before each use and you’re good to go. A perfect lazy product from our favorite lazy egg!

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Kawaii Glue Stick

Maybe your favorite method of self care is getting creative! This kawaii glue stick can be used for all of your arts and crafts projects or it can be used to seal envelopes of letters you wrote to friends and family. With 4 different designs, the square shape of the glue sticks allows for you to get the product onto paper corners perfectly without any mess!

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