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Pompompurin Roll Cushion

Sanrio kawaii plushies have been skipping into our recent kawaii box subscription! This month too has another one! Pompompurin loves going outdoors, so he is here to help you enjoy the lovely sunshine. Who do you think is the third upcoming Sanrio plushie?

C544b3d4b435a667671ee7ee891672e1d017a726 may 2018 kawaii leisure sheet 1

Kawaii Leisure Sheet

To help you enjoy the nice weather, this kawaii leisure sheet is included so you can go out and relax. Go on a picnic, tanning, or however you want to enjoy your day! Your kawaii box contains either a Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi, or My Melody design. Which did you get?

C27a7d51453955d23d3e9620d6aaf9d26dc6b078 may 2018 chick kitchen spoon 2

Chick Kitchen Spoon

Bring a bit of kawaii sunshine into your kitchen! This adorable chick kitchen spoon’s bright yellow color lights up the atmosphere while being super useful. You can use this around the kitchen, and once you finish using it you can stand it up as a cute decoration! What will you cook with this spoon?

6a79a385e4b8d21c30dc7a99496e3eada3a625e6 may 2018 taiyaki squishy 3

Taiyaki Squishy

A traditional totally delish Japanese pastry, taiyaki is loved throughout Japan as a snack to eat while strolling around spring and summer festivals. These kawaii squishies help bring that sense of spring and summer happiness that can be taken around wherever you go!

C87356fa042494ba0ac615e61cb8335b75c5a12f may 2018 japanese canvas tote bag 4

Japanese Canvas Tote Bag

When you go out for that stroll in the nice weather, you’ll need a bag to carry your things! This kawaii Japanese style canvas tote bag helps with that! It comes in five different traditional designs. What will you carry with your bag?

B8086c54df40aeac0f8c1099822eaf8690a76df7 may 2018 cafe holographic stickers 5

Cafe Holographic Stickers

As you go out and make memories, these kawaii cafe themed stickers are here to make your journal, schedule, diary, etc. a lot more personal and fun! The designs are perfect for an awesome stationery Instagram pic as well! How will you use your stickers?