1443dd296699446c262ca3472eb0d4d5a0268c19 march 2018 mochi shiba plushie 0

Mochi Shiba Plushie

Woof woof! This month you can find a puppy size mochi shiba kawaii plushie! This mochi shiba is a classic character named Okaka. Its love of rice goods, which is how it became so pudgy and huggable!

0ffac8960ee8e3b0f86ea2fe63d883d916693781 march 2018 mochi shiba bath bomb 1

Mochi Shiba Bath Bomb

Your kawaii box subscription this month has a two-in-one surprise! You will find an adorable Mochi Shiba mikan orange bath bomb that helps one relax and sleep better. Inside the bath bomb you can find a kawaii Mochi Shiba figure too! Which toy did you get?

C491b016f898ee30e8b30af5f1ad4cad69e15cd8 march 2018 mochi shiba memo pad 2

Mochi Shiba Memo Pad

Okaka and his shiba siblings bring you this kawaii memo pad that has four different designs in one pad! With 100 sheets of paper and the perfect easy-to-carry size, you can take a ton of cute notes no matter where you are!

9e3e810dec558ea5369918d11497752f903f2b86 march 2018 sumikko gurashi charm 3

Sumikko Gurashi Charm

Sumikko Gurashi is here to ensure you have a great year ahead! This kawaii good luck charm, known as omamori, comes with a paper inside for you to write your desires on! With this charm, your wishes will surely come true! Which Sumikko Gurashi character did you get?

94b47f1f6a027d0990f7d7cfd57764803901eb74 march 2018 paw beanies squishie 4

Paw Beanies Squishie

The squishie found in this month's kawaii box is a super adorable paw beanie squishie! One of the best parts about having a pet is playing with their kawaii little paw beanies, so now you can do this wherever, whenever! There are 8 different designs! Which color did you get?

B5a348235a2c92c790c7983b9bf53ca620aac67c march 2018 kawaii animal duster 5

Kawaii Animal Duster

To help with your spring cleaning, in your kawaii subscription box we sent a lovely Kawaii Animal Duster! It has superfine fibers that can pick up any and all dust, and it can also be folded up for easy storage! There are three different animal designs. Which animal did you get?