Moving Bunny Ears Hat

The perfect item for all the party animals out there! These magic Moving Bunny Ears Hat are seen all over the streets of Tokyo’s famous fashion district, Harajuku. Simply press the paws and the ears of the hat will move! The hat comes in pink or white.

Sparkly Kawaii Bowl

This Sparkly Kawaii Bowl will surely dazzle your party guests! This can be used to serve snacks or used as a dish for any of your miscellaneous items. There are 6 different variations of the bowl with friends from Hello Kitty, My Melody, Sumikko Gurashi and Doraemon!

Sumikko Gurashi Coaster

Set down your drinks in style! Not only can these be used as regular coasters, but they are so adorable that they can be used as decoration as well! There are 4 different Sumikko Gurashi characters you can get on these cork coasters- you can either get Shirokuma, Penguin, Neko, or Tonkatsu!

Glitter Character Keychain

What’s a party without a little glitter? In this month’s box you will find a variation of this Glitter Character Keychain! You could either get a character from Sanrio, Summiko Gurashi, Doraemon, or Crayon Shinchan! Each key chain has sparkling glitter inside that glistens whenever tilted!

Sanrio Letter Set

Time to send out some party invites! Ditch those plain envelopes for this adorable Sanrio Letter Set! Each letter set includes 12 pieces of letter paper, 6 envelopes and 1 sticker! There are 7 different designs of the letter set.

Sakura Kitchen Set

As much as we love to host a good ol’ get together, the clean up afterwards is just as important! This adorable set comes with 2 sponges in the shape of a gorgeous Japanese cherry blossom and a sakura container to store leftovers from that killer party your threw! Leave it to Japan to make everyday useful items absolutely kawaii!

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