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Sailor Moon Jar

Moon prism power, make! This month you'll be receiving this super kawaii Sailor Moon jar! It's perfect for storing hair accessories, cosmetics, or candies! This diamond cut design is super sparkly and comes in either pink or purple! Which color did you get?

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Kirby Inflatable Ball

Kirby is here to save the day! This Kirby Inflatable Ball is the perfect item to bring to your pool party! Have fun passing him around in the pool or use the rubber band to bounce him up and down! Have you played any Kirby games before?

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Handy Mist Fan

With the weather warming up don't forget to bring this handy dandy little hand held fan with you to your pool parties and wherever you go! It takes no batteries so you don't have to worry about it running out of power! Simply press the lever repeatedly to spin the fan and generate a lovely cooling breeze! If you need extra cooling while you're lounging by the pool, slide the button on the side of the handle to turn on the mist feature! This fan comes in two designs, Sumikkogurashi and Sanrio, which one did you get?

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Kawaii Character Pouch

Aren't little pouches like these the best? They're great for storing your makeup, hair ties, or accessories! Pack your sunscreen and hair ties in here so you everything you need for your pool party in here! This pouch comes in 20 kawaii character patterns including Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompom Purin, My Melody, Sumikkogurashi, and Rilakkuma! Which character did you get?

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Key Chain and Strap

This cutesy keychain has two types of straps, one for your bag or keys, and one for you phone so you can attach it how you like! How cute would this look attached to your kawaii character pouch! It comes in 5 character designs including Hello Kitty, My Melody, Gudetama, Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, which one is your favorite?

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Pokemon stickers

Do you love Pokemon? We sure do! With the new Detective Pikachu movie coming out we just HAD to include something Pokemon related! Therefore the Gudetama stickers which were supposed to come in July's box will come in another box in the near future! Enjoy the Pokemon stickers and use them to make items in your daily life more kawaii!

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