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Kawaii Food Container & Hand Towel Set

This month features an entire set! This set includes two food containers and a hand towel to make sure your hands are clean and ready for your brunch date. In your kawaii box, you will find one of three possible designs: Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Rilakkuma! Which design did you get? Note: These are microwavable.

296fa47be6dbb50799485bb3b41e7ec9e160a525 july 2018 rilakkuma coaster 1

Rilakkuma Coaster

Keep your tables clean with this kawaii Rilakkuma coaster! It is made with a high quality cork that is soft and absorbent. Even if you aren’t using it at the moment, it makes for a super cute tabletop decoration! You will find one of 5 possible Rilakkuma designs in your kawaii subscription box.

Aedb6d661e4bc7bdb0bf5937f80df9c436af0ea0 july 2018 adorable pet lunch cloth 2

Adorable Pet Lunch Cloth

To help keep your brunch organized and clean, this adorable pet lunch cloth is included in your kawaii box. It can be used to wrap up your food containers for easy, organized transportation and then it can be placed on the table as a cute lunch mat! This cloth comes in 5 different designs. How will you use this cloth?

04129f03d341cb09f3eadba46b9b0f7d173a1ba9 july 2018 studio ghibli chopsticks 3

Studio Ghibli Chopsticks

Now that you have awesome food containers, a coaster to hold your drink, and a cloth to carry your brunch with, how will you eat it? Well, with these adorable Studio Ghibli Chopsticks of course! They are 21 cm in length. Included in your kawaii subscription box you will find 1 of 4 possible Ghibli designs. We recommend you hand wash these to make sure they stay cute as long as possible.

6d96e2f8ce8369b50335868a3607762283139046 july 2018 angel panda kawaii plushies 4

Angel Panda Kawaii Plushies

You have your brunch set, but you need a brunch partner! Why not chow down with this cutie!? This Angel Panda plushie is the perfect size to carry around and can even be attached to bags to keep you company anywhere. These Angel Panda kawaii plushies come in 8 different designs and each carry a different gemstone: rose quartz, melon, flora ,howlite, lapis, amethyst, lemonquat, and nephr. Which Angel Panda did you get?

3c26fbc0da511f7a6f6e71f1573784011c30e7c8 july 2018 gudetama washi tape 5

Gudetama Washi Tape

The stationery item in this month's Japanese subscription box is this super cute Gudetama Washi Tape! You can use this item for scrapbooking, journaling, or even as a way to denote what food is in which kawaii container! Have fun decorating and organizing with this licensed Sanrio item!