YumeTwins Exclusive Pompompurin New Year's Plushie

This YumeTwins Exclusive for Japanese New Year's is super soft and huggable! Pompompurin is decked out with the 'hagoita' paddle in his hand and 'hane' at his side, which are used to play a traditional badminton-like game to ward off evil spirits. One of the defining characteristics of this plushie is how it's perfectly round, making it extra cute for decorating your kawaii space!

Shiba Chopstick Rest

The first item in our New Year's Dinner Set, you'll be brightening up tabletops all year long with your new porcelain Shiba buddy! Good for forks, spoons, and knives as well! After dinner is done, display it as a kitchen decoration!

Shiba Bowl

Your favorite Shiba dog will be with you at every meal! Great for soup, rice, cereal, yogurt, ice cream, and of course, snacks! Dishwasher-safe, but avoid using in microwave.

Shiba Serving Tray

Better than a regular plate, this item's straight raised edges lend themselves perfectly to snacking in front of the TV, for instance, or anytime you're ready to relax and eat outside of the dining room! In a stylish half moon shape, you could even decorate with your favorite trinkets or fruit for a tasteful centerpiece! Use this tray to store leftovers as well!

Ghibli No-Face Chopsticks

We all know that No-Face from Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away' loves to eat! Start the new year off with a proper feast using these solid bamboo chopsticks, the ideal partner for your Shiba Chopstick Rest! Shallow indents near the tip prevent food from slipping; 21cm long.

Daruma Plushie Magnets

Daruma are a Japanese tradition at New Year's symbolizing good luck and fresh beginnings. Keep this soft and miniature plush magnet on the fridge as a daily reminder of your goals & dreams for 2021! Seven lovable designs: Beige Shiba, Black Shiba, Bulldog, White Cat, Black Cat, Black Sparrow, or White Sparrow. 

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