MofuMofu or Macaron Cupcake Disney Plushie

Ring in the new year sweetly with the latest members of Disney Japan's plushy collection! Featuring your favorite characters, they're nothing short of huggable and their gentle appearances are sure to warm your heart.

Disney Tsum Tsum Water Bottle

Have you ever met the Disney Tsum Tsum characters? These bubbly cuties get their name from the Japanese verb tsumu, meaning “to stack.” They’re meant to be stackable on top of one another, creating a tower of cuteness! This stackability is referenced in the motif on your water bottle. With its simple and cheerful design, we wanted to include this item in your box as it’s useful for daily life and can be taken anywhere. Holds up to 500ml.

Disney ‘Flake’ Stickers

Known as ‘flake’ stickers in Japan--as they’re individually printed rather than placed in the usual sheet-layout--these stickers create a fun confetti-like effect. An assortment of cute designs paired with Tsum Tsum characters, Chip & Dale, and friends from Monsters University, there won’t be any shortage of cute ways to vividly decorate your photo-albums, schedule book, or memo pages. Also makes a great small gift to friends.

Disney Tsum Tsum Tote Bag

The bubbly Tsum Tsum characters are back to make your day-to-day routine brighter again! Coming in both wide and long styles, this fun tote bag is easy to carry and will snugly fit your books, papers, and other daily must-haves. As it’s quite light, it can serve as an eco-conscious shopping bag as well.

Disney Mini Mini Solar Swinging Characters

These battery-free figurines will have you looking forward to the springtime! Their egg-shaped bodies swing gently from side to side when under direct sunlight. With their pastel outfits and cute playful dancing, your room will brighten right up!

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