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Aggretsuko Plushie

Sanrio’s very own red panda rockstar will add some metal to your Happy Zoo Year party! She’s in her iconic KISS-esque makeup and grasping her microphone ready to belt out some tunes and get all the other animals in this box hyped and ready for the ultimate kawaii New Years!

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Kawaii Zodiac Boar Blanket

2019 is the Chinese zodiac year of the pig (or boar in Japan) so January's box has this fluffy blanket with a cute boar print for the new year! It’s the perfect size to keep your lap or shoulders warm in the chilly weather! (Note: This blanket IS machine washable but cannot be put in the dryer and should be washed separately from other items to avoid colours running.)

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Kawaii Scrunchie & Badge Set

This new year the cute animal characters from Sumikko Gurashi, Sanrio and their friend Crayon Shin-chan are bringing you a kawaii scrunchie and tin badge set that you can use to give yourself a cute new hairstyle or attach to your bag using the ball keychain so you always have a hair scrunchie when you need it!

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Big Sanrio Stickers

These large Sanrio stickers are the perfect size to stick on and kawaii-fy your new books and schedules for the new year! You’ll get either cute bunny My Melody, adorable puppy Pompom Purin or lazy egg Gudetama!

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Medetai Chopping Board

This Medetai chopping board is jumping straight out of the aquarium and right into your 2019 to ensure your new year is prosperous! He’s lightweight and flexible making him easy to clean (with your Medetai sponge of course!)

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Medetai Kitchen Sponge

Accompanying the Medetai Chopping Board out of the aquarium is this Medetai sponge! You can use him to help wash your Medetai Chopping Board after using him or anywhere else in the house for that matter! He’d make the perfect bathroom fishy friend too and will help bring fortune in the New Year~

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