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D853aed49cef3cc220352ed0bc380027917c8de7 february 2018 hedgehog plushie 0

Hedgehog Plushie

The first guest to your pretty picnic is this Hedgehog kawaii plushie! A new release in Japan, having only come out in December, this cutie is looking fresh and is ready to join the rest of your kawaii plushies! One cute aspect you might have already noticed is that this plushie can sit up on its own, all ready to chow down on a delicious picnic!

26b50c3580c680edd6a1602ab849b94f41c6aa1d february 2018 kawaii character spoon 1

Kawaii Character Spoon

This month in your kawaii box you will find one of these super adorbs character spoons! This spoon is a special fusion of a regular spoon and a ramen spoon! It has the length and ease of use of a regular spoon paired with the depth of a ramen spoon and a tab at the end which allows you to hang it safely on your bowl's edge! What cute character did you get this month in your kawaii box subscription?

F831221ab392f28598cee07ed20c38cc12781c07 february 2018 sumikko gurashi melamine cup 2

Sumikko Gurashi Melamine Cup

This is the first time we have included a cup with both an outside and inside design into our Japan box! This kawaii cup has both cute Sumikko Gurashi designs inside and out! You can use this cup for a nice picnic out or when you want to relax around the house. Which design did you get?

784e75a72cd7321490f1f9b33bcb1d66c92be11a february 2018 disney tsum tsum snack container 3

Disney Tsum Tsum Snack Container

We love to include useful practical goods into your cute subscription boxes, and these Disney Tsum Tsum snack containers perfectly fit that image! They are super kawaii and can fit a great amount of snacks inside too. Pair this with your spoon and cup, and you are ready to go out for a pretty picnic!

1e449356d4fc4643bb0e1c7c668e5f11eb7acc2c february 2018 disney bread squishie 4

Disney Bread Squishie

Double the Disney joy is in this kawaii box! Bread is a great choice to take on a picnic, so you will find an adorable Disney themed bread squishie this month! These are incredibly popular in Japan for how squishy they are. Plus, the kawaii Disney characters don't hurt either! Which character did you find in your Japan box?

B2b5ff2c06cd20ae3c902145fa9fd3f894702477 february 2018 colorful cute highlighter 5

Colorful & Cute Highlighter

To help mark all those snack bags for your pretty picnic, you can find a colorful & cute highlighter in your kawaii box! It is a beautiful vivid color and features dual tips - one fine and one broad. Which color did you receive in your kawaii box subscription?

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