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Fluffy Room Shoes

Yay! A kawaii wearable item that is perfect for the holiday season! In your kawaii box you will find one of these free size Rilakkuma or Sumikko Gurashi designed room shoes! The bottoms have non-slip lining and the inside is lined with fluffy perfection to keep your feet all nice and toasty! Slip your feet inside, cozy up, and discover what other kawaii goods are in store for you!

Ab9e60a1d13b86f5166ef0a3ffe02c589519b69d december 2017 rascal dog cat 1

Rascal Dog & Cat

Watch out! It seems one of these rascally plushies slipped into your kawaii box! These adorable plushies are popular in Japan for their huggable, soft material and their troublemaker personalities! They come in four designs, two cats, a pug, and a frenchie. We are so happy that they chose the right kawaii box subscription to sneak into! Which design will you be cozying up with this holiday?

E55a7743c51c847db8ce3470616636795325753d december 2017 rilakkuma or my melody multi use case 2

Rilakkuma or My Melody Multi-use Case

The next kawaii item you'll find in your kawaii box is a super useful Rilakkuma or My Melody multi-use case! This case is perfect for carrying around important notes, receipts and tickets, or even small accessories! We at YumeTwins adore using these and wanted to pass forward the kawaii love! Which design did you get?

F4f85742faaa1e93d830e1b6d57eae1715514dce december 2017 marumofubiyori mechanical pencil 3

Marumofubiyori Mechanical Pencil

Sanrio's new kawaii character line Marumofubiyori, which features the cute homebody polar bear Moppu, is in your kawaii box! Since Moppu enjoys lounging at home and staying cozy, we figured these cute mechanical pencils would be the perfect tool to help you do the same! You can write holiday letters and draw fun pictures with this adorable item! Did you get the blue or pink design?

13bef87b8dbb90b64f875763ac600a0f34cd5c20 december 2017 marumofubiyori eraser 4

Marumofubiyori Eraser

While you are writing your letters and drawing your kawaii masterpieces, perhaps you'll need to rethink something along the way. To help, we are also including a lovable Marumofubiyori eraser! Double the fluffy polar bear loveliness! What will create with your new stationery goods?!

45883347c2e495b82c0bf31e14b20a7f023f2a85 december 2017 realistic fluffy cake squishie 5

Realistic Fluffy Cake Squishie

While you are relaxing and keeping warm, what's better than a cute snack? These squishies, while not edible, provide a sense of peace to help you recharge. While enjoying squishing these realistic cakes, spark your inspiration for what you should treat yourself to next! What piece of cake did you get?!