Aquarium Plushie Pals

Made of soft, squeezable fabric, these cute ocean friends are round, stretchy and so huggable that they'll bring you joy and calm your heart when you're tired or stressed!

Pokemon or Sumikko Gurashi Zip-Top XL Bag

Your Zip-Top XL Bag will be dependable no matter the situation! Sturdy and able to stand upright, it's a great help when shopping or organizing as it's deep enough to ensure that you won't run out of space! Best of all, the zipper on top fastens tightly to seal the bag, keeping your items safe and secure.

Pikachu or My Melody Ice Pack 

Especially versatile and a perfect first-aid tool for hot (and even cold) weather! Prevent overheating by filling with ice and a bit of tap water. It’s a soothingly cold way to reduce any pain, swelling, bruises, or fever. On a lighter note, this product cools your face and shrinks pores after face washing!

Hello Kitty Gel Cooler Pack

Soft, portable, and definitely the most kawaii way to keep your food & drinks cool! Store it in the cooler on a day out, or attach it to your drink or lunchbox with the adjustable belt that comes with it! The belt works double duty, helping to keep things from shuffling around when on the go.

Disney Tsum Tsum Folding Fan

The quintessential item for cooling down in summertime! Fold-able, slim, and light, be sure not to go anywhere without it! Made of durable plastic so no need to worry about it getting wet at the pool or beach!

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