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Mochi-Shiba Inu Plushie

The perfect companion for your springtime picnic, the huggable Mochi-Shiba Inu plushie comes in an assortment of 4 different springtime pastel colors! Sakura, Monaka (light tan), Kinako (beige), and Ume (plum). Everyone loves a shiba-inu!

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Sakura Sanrio & Eevee Ecobag

Cute, reusable, and friendly to the environment, what's not to love? Compact and easy to carry, this ecobag is made of durable fabric, giving you peace of mind when filling it to the brim! The pink sakura design perfectly matches the atmosphere of spring--making it ideal for your spring outings!

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Kirby Sakura Clear File

Popular in Japan, your Kirby Clear File folder will be a trustworthy companion at work and at home. With one transparent side and one full-color side you'll know what's inside while having your privacy intact. Kirby designs showcase springtime sakura and come in three different themes--Tokyo, Kyoto, and Japan. Fits standard printer size paper.

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Sakura Greeting Card

What's nicer than taking the time to write a letter to a loved one? Send your heartfelt wishes of the sakura season with this quintessential memento item. Extravagantly dusted with gold, laminated for durability, and beautifully embossed, this card will put on a show with its 3D elements. Includes card itself, envelope, and letter paper.

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Sakura Tumbler & Bottle Cover

Stay eco-friendly and keep your drinks insulated and cool with these cute sakura-patterned covers! Made with waterproof material for easy gripping, it's also tough against spills. Ideal for taking outside to picnics, bike riding, and more!

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