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C36116c6c88d8973779d496ffdf07672af79a735 april 2018 my melody roll plushie 0

My Melody Roll Plushie

This month, My Melody appears as the first ever Sanrio plushie that has been in our kawaii box! Her kawaii bunny self suits the Easter holiday perfectly! This plushie is the first of a three set series! Who do you think is the next Sanrio plushie?

4ca6068060c0053b8dce6cd89148cb2e11a31996 april 2018 japanese egg boiler 1

Japanese Egg Boiler

Time to keep it kawaii and practical with this month's kawaii subscription box! This Japanese egg boiler is super useful as all it requires is hot water. Perfect for your everyday and to help boil some eggs for Easter decorating! You can even take the eggs out at anytime to decide how boiled you want your eggs.

A92cf847b898a55e16f4bfb2925a7b453c7a8f0a april 2018 gudetama to do list 2

Gudetama To Do List

Your favorite lazy egg is here to help make sure you get things done! This month’s kawaii box stationary is a useful Gudetama To Do List! The kawaii design will help you enjoy getting your daily tasks completed. There are even spaces for you to check items off the list! What will you put on your first To Do List?

6c1048f998b3c0a815fc74d8c5fe2815d4a0afa0 april 2018 pote usa loppy nail polish highlighter 3

Pote Usa Loppy Nail Polish Highlighter

Amuse’s popular bunny character Pote Usa Loppy brings you this kawaii highlighter. While it looks like a stylish nail polish on the outside, on the inside it is actually an adorable and useful highlighter! There are 5 color variations. Which color did you get in your kawaii monthly box?

Fccb7c89abab62dcfaeee2f6db15fc1713f6ffb4 april 2018 hoppe chan squishy 4

Hoppe-chan Squishy

Wait! Who is this?! Why, it is Hoppe-chan! This is Hoppe-chan’s first appearance in our kawaii box as well as being our first character squishy! Hoppe-chan brings a smile to all our faces and we hope that they help make your Easter season brighter as well! Are you a Hoppe-chan fan as well?

7f27cc80902ee4d4e0cb9ac68d7c54eb5f6a0961 april 2018 my melody sponges 5

My Melody Sponges

My Melody will keep your house clean with this kawaii sponge set! These sponges come as a four pack that also features two different designs. Practical. Cute. Amazing! How will you use your new sponges?

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