Starbucks Japan comes back with cat tumblers for summer 2019!

12 April 2019 by 8466411c8defd2a1852a9fa75dd9379b4b13ec87 profile Leilani

Not only does Starbucks Japan absolutely slay the limited edition drinks game, but they are also the queen of limited edition drinkware!

We were already blown away by Starbucks Japan's sakura tumbler line, enough so, that we gave away 2 of their tumbler designs in our bonus for the month of March!

But as the cherry blossom season comes to a close, Starbucks has released there new summer line! And they are going all out for this summer's party theme, bringing us 15 new limited edition products ranging from tumblers, stationary, and traveler mugs.

The line is ridiculously kawaii this year, but don't take our word for it - check it out for yourself!

The Handle Tumbler Happy

Retails for: 2,200 yen

This to-go cup is designed for cold beverages and has an adorable detachable handle on the side!

The Whip Lid Heat Resistant Glass Cap Happy

Retails for: 2,400 yen

Complete with a reusable straw, this adorable hearts and candy design is topped off with a stunning whipped cream lid!

The Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid

Retails for: 1,800 yen

The star of the collection, this domed lid with cat ears is one the most kawaii Starbucks tumbler designs we have come across!

The Lemon Cap and Lid Yellow Sunny Bottle

Retails for: 2,400

This to-go tumbler comes with a stunning lemon shaped silicon cap, and we absolutely love the vibrant sunshine yellow color it comes in!

The Frappuccino Pink Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler

Retails for: 3,300

For those who prefer warmer drinks, this tumbler has the cutesy pastel pink party design with a beautiful Tiffany blue lid!

The Cold Cup Tumbler Frappuccino Party

Retails for: 2,000 yen

Designed for cold beverages, this funky pattern also contains star confetti on the inside that glistens with movement! What better way to celebrate than with glitter?

Along with the tumblers and drinkware, the collection includes kawaii stationary items such as pencil cases for 1,600 yen and Starbucks frappuccino shaped notebooks in two different colors fro 1,400 yen.

Which cup did you like best?

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