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Cute Japanese Stationery to Kawaii-fy You Life

By Kim Kahan
March 01, 2022

It’s nearly back-to-school season in Japan (Japanese schools start in April), which means that there’s plenty of cute Japanese stationery on sale. So let’s have a look at some super cute kawaii (cute, again) stationery that you’ll love to make a whole set of.

Pencil Case – Squishy Cat Pencil Case

Okay, so first things first you’ll be wanting the cutest pencil case, right? This pencil case ticks off everything ‘kawaii.’ The pastel color (whether you fancy pink, green or purple), the cute animal, and the squishiness! How adorable. 

Whenever you feel like you’re losing concentration in class, just squish the lil’ cat and feel focused. It’s actually the same psychology of squeezing a mochi squishy, which means it’s perfect for any kawaii stationery collection.

Pencils – Cherry Blossom Pencil Set

These super flowery, pink cherry blossom automatic pencils provide a maturity to the kawaii aesthetic. You can even give one to your grandma and she’d love it! With a built-in eraser at the top and the standard size of lead for each pencil, it is easy to replace them like new again at the start of each semester. 

Eraser – Dreamy Sushi Dessert Erasers 

Four types of sushi erasers, a very cute Japanese stationery item, sit on a white background with a salmon, egg, salmon roe and tuna appearance.
With so many sushi lovers in Japan, it’s actually a common eraser option for those who love cute Japanaese stationery. Image via Shutterstock

If you aren’t a fan of cute animals, then check out an adorably kawaii mini eraser set. It gets points for not only being mini and in wonderful ice-cream sprinkles colors, but also for each sushi having its own little face! Check out the winking rice ball or the smiling tuna sushi – utterly adorable.

Need more kawaii Japanese stationery featuring your favorite kawaii character? YumeTwins has you covered! Yumetwins sends the cutest character goods like Japanese stationery, plushies, home goods, and more right to your door straight from Tokyo!

Pens – BunMo Squishy Gel Pen Set 

OMG. Just look at these! Perfect to match with the squishy cat pencil case, this gel pen set is a darling. You can even switch and swap with friends if you fancy it. And even one by one, they make great, kawaii gifts. 

Ruler – Multipurpose Cuteness Foldable Protractor Ruler 

This ruler is great for anything DIY. Not only does it serve as a kawaii-color burst of freshness with its ‘sweet bear’ characters to rule any straight lines, it also doubles as a protractor to measure the tightest of angles.

An origami koala with many types of stationery, including rulers, protractors, pencils and folding paper around it.
A ruler is actually a great gift for origami enthusiasts as it can help to get those crisp folds you need in the early steps. Image via Shutterstock

Highlighters – Cute Stackable Octopus Highlighter Set

These tiny little octopuses (or is it octopi?) are adorable! And to make it even cuter and more practical, they stack, too! Like the cutest little octopus family, don’t be surprised to find yourself smiling as you highlight your notes.

Notelets – All Purpose Bunny Foldable Notelets

No matter what your mood, you are guaranteed to find a notelet for every occasion in this teeny notelet set from All Purpose Bunny, on Japanhaul. Just the fact that it is a sweet little kawaii bunny should be enough to melt even the stoniest of hearts.

This is a perfect cute Japanese stationery item for those active note takers out there who love popular kawaii characters.

Stickers – Kawaii Pink Stickers Bumper Pack

These stickers can be used to decorate just about anything – and you can! There are more than enough! Water bottles, journals, you name it. Anything can become kawaii with a little help from these cutiepies.

Bullet Journal – Kawaii Frog Journal Book

Anything cuter than frogs? Their giant eyes and adorable green faces just send out rays of cuteness, ready to disarm any unsuspecting journaller. You can decorate this kawaii notebook with the sticker set above. 

Washi Tape – Cute Animal Washi Tape

This washi tape from Amazon really is great value for money. No matter what animal is your favorite, you’ll be sure to find one you love in this bumper pack of animal tape. Each animal featured has the sweetest little design with cute button eyes and the dogs even have their own little bandanas. Adorable!

Several rolls of patterned washi tape, a cute Japanese stationery item, in polka dot patterns in four different colors.
Washi tape is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast, allowing them to add a cute accent to otherwise plain projects. Image via Shutterstock

Stationery Set – Fruitie Tootie Stationery Set

For all fans of fruit – let’s face it, who isn’t? – this uber cute Fruitie Tootie Stationery Set has everything you need if you’re short on time and want everything in one go. There are teeny, tiny fruit erasers, smiling fruit-themed note paper, colorful envelopes, and even a lemony pencil, complete with a topper. Everything you need to send letters to your pals across the world, or even just across the street.

Colored Pencils – Colored Smencils 

Yes, you read that right. ‘Smencils.’ These aren’t just any colored pencils, these are fragrant colored pencils! If you like to draw or even doodle, these smelly pencils are enough to brighten up any classroom or sketchbook. 

With a cute fruit design featuring fruity characters ranging from a happy watermelon through to a beaming orange, these cute colored pencils are an excellent addition to any pencil case. And they’re made of recycled materials too!

Stand Pen cases in the shape of cute animals fill the shelves with the appearances of mice, cats, rabbits, otters, and more - a cute Japanese stationery must-have.
If cute animals are more your thing, check out these stand pen cases. But be quick. They always seem to go so fast. Image via Shutterstock

Scissors – Hello Kitty Mini Scissors

These sweet scissors are the embodiment of Sanrio’s most popular character – Hello Kitty. With a white handle just like Hello Kitty, they also have an un-invasive ribbon attached for that ultimate Hello Kitty vibe. This is definitely a must-have for any cute Japanese stationery collectors out there.

If you have any of your own ideas of cute stationery, or even if there is something that you really want but can’t get it because of where you are, just pop a comment below or even feel free to message us at any time. You can also check out these Japanese stationery brands for some ideas too!

We’re here to proudly supply your daily dose of kawaii!

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