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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogMochi Squishy: On-the-Spot Stress Relief

Mochi Squishy: On-the-Spot Stress Relief

By Kim Kahan
October 19, 2021

For anyone who has fidgety tendencies, loves cute animals, or are even just fans of stress relief toys, we have two words: mochi squishy.

What is a Mochi Squishy?

Mochi squishy are Japanese plushies that act as cute sensory toys, usually designed after characters like Sumikko Gurashi. More often than not, mochi squishy toys are made of silicone, which makes them the perfect squeezy, squishy stress reliever toys. They can be big or small, and the most popular variety – mini mochi squishies – fit nicely into the palm of your hand and can be taken anywhere. 

Although they’re all made from the same material, they come in a variety of shapes and colors. Image via Shutterstock

The squishiness of mochi squishies come from the silicone, or PU, that it is made from. Squeezing it produces a rebound effect, so it quickly returns to its original shape no matter how many times it is squeezed. The repeated slow rise of the material back to its original shape is incredibly satisfying, and it’s said that squishies help to release dopamine and stimulate endorphin release.

Where mochi squishies originate from is unknown, but it is widely assumed that they come from Japan. The word ‘mochi’ comes from the cute Japanese wordmochi mochi’, meaning squishy. Taking into account Japan’s love for all things cute combined with the ‘mochi’ name, we can definitely believe it’s from Japan. In fact, mochi squishy can also be called ‘kawaii squishy (cute squishy).’

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How Does a Mochi Squishy Work for Stress?

Stress balls and squeeze toys, which work in the same way as mochi squishies (minus the cuteness), have been studied for years to find out just why squeezing something helps to alleviate stress. The science behind stress balls and mochi squishies is the same and very simple.

When stressed, your body tenses up. The muscles are under both strain and heightened tension. Squeezing something, such as a stress ball or a mochi squishy, helps to release some muscle tension from other parts of the body. 

Squeezing while taking deep, slow breaths in and out helps to calm the body and focus the mind. In turn, it takes focus away from the source of the stress. 

When combined with a cute Japanese design, these mochi squishies are fantastic stress relievers. And it’s not only the texture which makes them so. A recent stress-based study found that looking at pictures of cute animals when stressed actually helped participants to shift attention towards a desired focus point. 

Mochi squishies are two things: cute and squishy. The two combined make a formidable combination against stress, so make sure to squeeze those squishies.

We may not fully understand it, but there is a science to mochi squishies. So squish away! Image via Shutterstock

Fidget Toys

For anyone with children or those who are prone to procrastination or fidgeting, mochi squishies are invaluable fidget toys. Just like fidget spinners, mochi squishies are great for fidgety hands and attention drifting. Keep one at your desk and let us know how you get on.

Super Fun for All Ages

Up to now, we’ve spoken about mochi squishies as stress relievers and fidget toys, but the main attraction of squishies is that they are super fun to squeeze! Plain cute, these blobs of cuteness are great additions to any toy collection. 

Popular with children and adults alike, mochi squishies make excellent party favors for kids or even grown-ups. Their many shapes are perfect to pop into party bags of all kinds. Wedding favors, anyone? 

So Many Cute Varieties

Everyone knows that when it comes to ‘kawaii’ products, Japan is the leader of the pack. From their most famous exports like Sumikko Gurashi and Gudetama to cute faces on road signs and hand gel in the shape of Hello Kitty, Japan and ‘kawaii’ go hand in hand. Make even the most mundane item mini or squishy, and it immediately becomes cute. The Japanese mochi squishy comes in a variety of designs.  

Animal Squishies

One of the most popular designs of mochi squishy are animal designs. Cute puppies, kittens, and even penguins; mochi squishies come in every animal imaginable. Mini animal squishies often come in variety packs, so you could end up with anything from a zoo to a pet shop. Mochi squishy are collectible, so any budding collectors can meet up and swap with other collectors until they build the collection they want. 

These treats may look good enough to eat, but you’ll have to settle for just squeezing them. Image via Shutterstock

Food Squishies

What’s that? A mini squishy strawberry shortcake, you say? Imagine the cuteness! A whole restaurant and more, food mochi squishies are a burgeoning market, available in varieties ranging from savory squishy mochi sushi and burgers, to sweets like cakes, fruits, and ice cream. 

Collect enough to create your own supermarket!

Character Squishies

Japan has a multitude of characters to choose from. From Pokemon to Hello Kitty, budding collectors can find any character in any color or design. From glittery Sumikko Gurashi to strawberry-scented Gudetama, there is something to rise to any occasion. 

Funny Squishies

For the *most grown-up* among us, there are a variety of poo squishies, vomit squishies, or even Donald Trump squishies. These squishies definitely belong in the cute but weird Japanese plushies group.

There are so many squishy varieties and something to suit everyone. Let us know how your collection is going down in the comments below.

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