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YumeTwins Kawaii Culture BlogCute Desk Accessories for a Kawaii Workspace!

Cute Desk Accessories for a Kawaii Workspace!

By Thalia Harris
February 13, 2023
A cute pink gamer desk, with accessories nearby.

Cute desk accessories are perfect for rounding out your spring renewal! Whether you’re a student, office worker, or simply creating your workspace, there’s nothing more refreshing than a unique place just for you! There’s a lot to choose from, so let’s get started!

What is kawaii? 

The most classic kawaii traits are pastel colors, curvy writing, and characters with big, innocent eyes! Because this aesthetic is widespread, there are a lot of kawaii subgenres too! One of the most popular ones is yume-kawaii, or “dreamy cute”! It features fantasy-based motifs such as rainbows and unicorns! We here at YumeTwins are very familiar with this type of kawaii!

A woman wearing cute accessories in Harajuku.
Kawaii culture is still alive and well in Japan! Image via Shutterstock

Even though there are general guidelines, you can use whatever you want regarding cute desk accessories! The most popular themes include fruits, animals, and especially flowers! However, if you want to go a little more niche, you can use lesser-known characters like Pochacco or even Badtz-Maru!

You can use many things, from lamps to desk mats and even plants! With this in mind, spring’s on the way, and it’s time for a fresh start! So clear that desk, clean up that clutter, and let’s use cute desk accessories!

Can I use a cute pen holder for a desk?

Absolutely! Pen holders, also known as pen stands, are perfect for holding all your adorable writing utensils! While most people store their pens and pencils in a cup or a basket, you can keep them in all kinds of things! 

One of many cute desk accessories, a My Melody (pink-hooded white rabbit) pen holder.
Sanrio characters have many cute desk accessories! Image via Shopeee

Some kawaii pen holders include little pink drawers and pastel cups, and they resemble everyday objects such as milk cartons! However, popular pen holders have famous kawaii mascots such as Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Cinnamoroll! Kawaii stationery lovers can also use more niche holders as well!

Niche pen holders have a more artistic quality but are cute nonetheless! Resin pen holders are absolute masterpieces, ranging from soft maidens resting on crescent moons to turquoise swans with gold feathers! 

Looking for cute items to spruce up your desk? Check out YumeTwins! YumeTwins sends kawaii character goods from Japanese plushies and figures to accessories and home goods straight from Japan right to your door!

Why should I get one?

A pen holder is a must-have accessory when creating a cute kawaii desk. Many styles include animal shapes like cats and bears and adorable characters and fruits.

Pastel colors like pink, yellow, blue, and green are popular options, as they fit well with the kawaii aesthetic! When choosing a pen holder, consider its size and material! A ceramic holder is cute and durable, while a plastic holder is lightweight and budget-friendly.

A resin pen holder resembling a woman in a blue dress sitting on a yellow crescent moon.
Resin pen holders are absolute works of art! Image via Lanjurr

Some pen holders have added features like built-in organizers for your pens and paper clips. Regardless of your style, be sure to place your pen holder on your desk in a convenient location that is easily within reach! By adding a kawaii pen holder to your desk, you’ll be able to keep your writing supplies organized and add a touch of cuteness to your workspace!

Whether you opt for a ceramic animal-shaped holder or a plastic holder featuring a popular Japanese character, your pen holder will be both functional and stylish. So go ahead and choose one that fits your style and enjoy your new cute and kawaii desk accessory!

What are some cute desk organizer ideas?

A kawaii desk isn’t complete without a few cute desk organizers! Whether you’re looking to keep your writing supplies in order or need a place to store your bills and notes, there are plenty of kawaii options.

For example, consider using a desk tray shaped like a cat or a bear. These cute trays come in pastel colors and are perfect for holding your pens, paper clips, and other small items. Another option is to use a pen holder that doubles as an organizer. These holders often come with built-in compartments for your writing supplies, making it easy to keep everything in its place.

A pile of cute desk accessories consisting of pens, pencils, etc.
Who says writing utensils have to be a bore? Image via Shutterstock

You can also add a touch of kawaii to your desk with cute paper organizers. These organizers come in various colors and designs. They’re perfect for storing bills, notes, and other essential papers.

If you want to organize your desk more thoroughly, consider using a kawaii desk set. Desk sets often include a pen holder, paper organizers, and other cute desk accessories, making it easy to keep your entire workspace tidy.

By incorporating these kawaii organizers into your desk, you’ll not only be adding a touch of cuteness to your workspace, but you’ll also be able to stay more organized and productive. So take the time to choose a few kawaii organizers that fit your style, and enjoy a more functional and cute desk!

What kinds of accessories do you want for your kawaii desk? Let us know in the comments below!

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