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Kawaii Aesthetic: Best Things to Try for the New Year!

By Thalia Harris
December 28, 2023
A bunch of kokeshi dolls that fit the kawaii aesthetic.

Get set for a whimsical New Year journey, spiced up with a dash of kawaii aesthetic! As we count down to a new beginning, why not add a sprinkle of fun to your celebrations? Grab your favorite cute stuff, put on your kawaii-themed gear, and jump into a New Year that’s delightful and adorable!

What cute clothes and accessories should I wear in the new year?

As we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, let’s think about how to look fabulous for the New Year! Imagine combining tradition with the latest trends. Picture yourself in a cute kimono, a unique Japanese outfit, and add a furoshiki, a cool cloth, to complete your look.

Two women in adorable kawaii kimono admiring cherry blossoms.
A cute kimono can make your New Year extra special!

A cute kimono isn’t just classic clothing; it’s like wearing elegance and grace. The sleeves flow, and the colors and patterns can make you stand out at New Year’s parties. You can choose soft colors or go for bold ones that scream celebration. What’s great is that a kimono is super comfy and stylish, perfect for any festive get-together.

Now, let’s talk about the furoshiki – a traditional Japanese cloth that can be used in many incredible ways. You can wear it as a fancy scarf, wrap it around your head like a headband, or tie it onto your handbag for a unique accessory.

But guess what? It’s not just for fashion; you can wrap gifts or carry small things. Pick a furoshiki with fun patterns or a design that matches the New Year’s theme to add your personal touch.

A pink furoshiki with flowers on the side.
Furoshiki cloths are a multipurpose accessory! Image via Shutterstock

Adding a cute kimono and furoshiki to your New Year’s outfit shows your sense of style and nods to cultural traditions. So, step into the New Year looking cool, graceful, and playful. Remember, starting fresh means remembering the cool things from the past. Here’s to a trendy and fantastic New Year!

How can I decorate my desk for the New Year with the kawaii aesthetic?

Why not make your desk look awesome as we welcome the New Year? Decorating your workspace can make it more fun and inspiring for the upcoming year. Add cool and helpful stuff like pen holders, paper organizers, and wrist rests to make your desk look cuter!

A bunch of pink cute desk essentials on a light pink background.
You can make your desk perfect for the New Year! Image via Shutterstock

Pen holders aren’t just for pens – they can be cool decorations, too. Choose a color that feels like the New Year, or go for a playful and fun design. It might seem small, but having a nice pen holder can make your desk happier.

Paper organizers are like secret weapons for keeping your papers neat. They come in different styles and colors, so you can pick one that matches your interests. Find an organizer that goes with the vibe you want for the New Year, whether modern and sleek or lively and colorful.

And here’s a fun idea – get a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse. They’re not just comfy but also come in cool designs and colors. Choose one that shows off your personality and makes your desk look stylish while you work comfortably all year.

A gamer girl at her cute desk.
All of these accessories can make your desk awesome! Image via Shutterstock

Adding pen holders, paper organizers, and wrist rests to your desk is not just about keeping things organized – you’re also making your workspace look fantastic and inspiring. So, as you welcome the New Year, let your desk show off the good vibes and creativity you’re bringing into your work. Here’s to a fantastic desk that helps you finish things in the coming year!

Are you looking for some amazing items that fit the kawaii aesthetic? Check out YumeTwins! YumeTwins sends all kinds of kawaii character goods – from Japanese plushies to stationery – right to your door so that you can enjoy your best kawaii lifestyle on your way!

Are there some cute osechi I can enjoy for the new year?

When considering enjoying some cute and yummy osechi for New Year’s, there are cool options to check out. One superb choice is trying out sweets osechi from famous Japanese bakeries like Ginza Cozy Corner.

Sweets Osechi from Ginza Cozy Corner.
Ginza Cozy Corner has amazing sweets for the season! Image via Grapee Japan

Ginza Cozy Corner is known for making fancy and artistic sweets, and their osechi collection is just as impressive. These sweets osechi mix traditional flavors with a modern twist, making them taste and look fabulous.

You can find beautifully made wagashi (Japanese sweets), mini pastries, and other treats in Ginza Cozy Corner’s osechi, making it a fun way to start the New Year with something sweet.

If you want to involve your pets in the New Year celebrations, Ushisuke has a super cute solution – pet-friendly osechi. Ushisuke makes osechi dishes for pets, so even your furry buddies can enjoy the festive vibes. These pet-friendly osechi options are safe for pets and come in small and cute portions, making it a perfect treat for your fluffy family members.

A box of pet-friendly osechi from Pet Family Co.
This food is safe for dogs to eat! Image via Japan Today

So, whether you’re trying the sweet and artsy osechi from Ginza Cozy Corner or sharing the celebration with your pets through Ushisuke’s pet-friendly osechi, there are fun and tasty choices to make your New Year’s celebrations extra special. Here’s to a sweet and pet-friendly start to the New Year!

Bonus: What are some lesser-known Sanrio characters I should know about?

You might not hear about them as much, but these Sanrio characters before, but they’re fantastic! First up is Pochacco, an adorable little dog with floppy ears and a sporty style.

He often rocks a blue and white striped shirt and brings a lot of cheer wherever he goes. Pochacco is like a hidden treasure in the Sanrio gang, and his friendly and energetic personality makes him a lovable character.

A chubby white dog with black floppy ears resting on his back, surrounded by small woodland creatures in the grass.
Despite his appearance, Pochacco is quite the athlete! Image via

Next is Tuxedo Sam, a fancy penguin who always dresses to impress with a bowtie and, of course, a tuxedo. He’s got this sophisticated vibe and loves all things stylish. Tuxedo Sam explores the world with a refined taste, adding a touch of elegance to the Sanrio crew. He’s a character worth checking out.

And then we have Badtz-Maru, a mischievous penguin with a rebellious side. You’ll often see him with a scowl and spiky hair, giving off a cool and edgy vibe. Despite his tough look, Badtz-Maru has a soft spot for friends and enjoys skateboarding and guitar playing.

A surly black penguin with spiky hair and a yellow beak reading a book.
Bad Badtz-Maru is a fun, yet cheeky character! Image via Wallpaper Access

So, if you want to expand your Sanrio knowledge, Pochacco, Tuxedo Sam, and Badtz-Maru are great characters. This is because each one brings their unique charm to the gang. Dive into the world of Pochacco’s cheerfulness, Tuxedo Sam’s elegance, and Badtz-Maru’s spunky attitude – you might just find a new favorite friend among these hidden gems that also fit the kawaii aesthetic!

Why should I use the kawaii aesthetic in the New Year?

Overall, bringing the kawaii aesthetic into the New Year can make life more delightful and fun. Kawaii is about cuteness and charm and can make your days more positive and playful. Whether adding cute accessories, enjoying treats with kawaii themes, or simply appreciating the adorable side of life, the kawaii style encourages a happy and optimistic outlook.

An elaborately designed kimono dress featuring loud patterns.
How do you plan to make your New Year cute! Image via Shutterstock

Surrounding yourself with kawaii stuff is like creating a happy and creative space. It’s an excellent way to celebrate the little moments that bring joy and find beauty in the simple things around you. As we enter the New Year, let the kawaii aesthetic be your inspiration to notice and enjoy life’s sweet and innocent parts.

Why not make the New Year a kawaii adventure? Jump into a world of cute characters, bright colors, and fun designs to lift your mood and also make the year full of positivity and smiles.

If you’re excited about bringing the kawaii style into your New Year, let us know in the comments. What kawaii things are you planning to include in your life this year? Your ideas might inspire others to join in the kawaii fun!

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