Pokemon Wedding Rings Captured Our Hearts

06 February 2019 by 8466411c8defd2a1852a9fa75dd9379b4b13ec87 profile Leilani

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and romance is in the air! Within the themes of love and giving gifts, it only seemed natural for us to look into wedding rings for that picture perfect proposal! But of course here at YumeTwins, we couldn’t just settle for any old jewelry… we have discovered POKEMON WEDDING RINGS!

There are a lot of hearts out here and you can surely 'catch them all' with these rings... we taking it too far?

A Japanese jewelry brand by the name of U-Treasure released Pikachu wedding rings and bands for men and women around June of 2018. The Pikachu engagement rings of course feature our most beloved Pokemon character, Pikachu, being upscale and high class holding a compact melee diamond between his paws. His signature lightning bolt tale wraps around the slimming cut band designed to have the most flattering shape for your fingers. These designs clearly had a lot of thought put into them!

As for material you can choose between a mix of platinum 18-carat yellow gold, platinum, white gold and yellow gold mix, white gold, and yellow gold. All ranging from around 88,000 - 135,000.

U-Treasure also designed rings for the grooms as well with their Pokemon men’s wedding rings. The subtle design of the lighting bolt this shows off the fact that the groom is a Pokemon enthusiast without having to be very flashy.

And the best part? You can now propose with a POKE BALL! You read that right! The Poke Ball Accessory Case is the cherry on top to the fabulous Pikachu engagement and wedding rings. At this point we don’t care who proposes to us. We will shout a big fat “I DO” to anyone who would propose with a Poke Ball with a Pikachu ring inside!

All the items can be ordered at U-Treasure’s online store that you can find here!

Would you propose with these adorable Pokemon rings? If someone proposed to YOU with this would you say yes? Let us know in the comments below!

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