5 facts you didn't know about Korilakkuma

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We all know and love Rilakkuma, one of the most beloved characters from San-x! One of Japan’s most stress free and relaxed teddy bear has some companions that you have probably also seen hanging around him. His closest sidekick would probably have to be Korilakkuma! The little white bear cub that is typically always by his side. We have covered several characters like Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom Purin, and Kuromi but it is time we dive into more Rilakkuma characters as well! Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Korilakkuma!

1. Korilakkuma is a troublemaker

Korilakkuma is actually quite mischievous, created to compliment Rilakkuma’s laid back and lazy nature. Korilakkuma is frequently playing pranks on Rilakkuma, especially when he has his hard down when he’s sleeping! This little bear has enough energy to make up for Rilakkuma’s complete lack of drive to do anything.

2. Korilakkuma is genderless

A little fun fact, Korilakkuma has no official gender assigned to them! They are often seen in both traditionally male and female costumes.

3. Korilakkuma is just a cub

Although many of the Rilakkuma plushies are all the same size, Korilakkuma is a smaller and younger cub! The Ko in Korilakkuma actually means child or younger one in Japanese. Hence all of Korilakkuma’s rambunctious energy!

4. Korilakkuma has no back zipper!

If you are a true plushie or Rilakkuma fan you might already know that Korilakkuma does not have a back zipper like Rilakkuma does! But what makes Korilakkuma so special and kawaii is their cute little red button.

5. Korilakkuma loves red fruits

An odd yet interesting fun fact is that Korilakkuma has an affinity for red fruits like strawberries, cherries and apples! Hmm could it also be the reason their button is also red?

How many facts did you already know? Let us know in the comments!

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