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Mochi Squishy: On-the-Spot Stress Relief

For anyone who has fidgety tendencies, loves cute animals, or are even just fans of stress relief toys, we have two words: mochi squishy.


Japanese Plushies: All the Types We Love

The world of Japanese kawaii (cute) culture has many different genres. There’s music, fashion, plushies, and more. And just like the larger culture, Japanese plushies have a variety of types, and we love them all. 

Member Spotlight

YumeTwins Member Spotlight #3

We shine a light on YumeTwins fans who love Japanese kawaii culture as much as you.


7 of the Cutest Anime Plushies!

We all love our plushies, no matter where they came from or why we got them. However, there is something about the special connection we