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Best Ways to Customize a Nintendo Switch

We all love the Nintendo Switch! With Nintendo’s long and storied history of handheld video game consoles, the Switch was bound to be a success

Kawaii Characters

All About Princess Peach

Who is Princess Peach? Well, certainly any fan of Nintendo’s video games through the years will recognize her name! And you’d be hard pressed to

Kawaii Characters

Top 5 Nintendo Characters With Kawaii Aesthetics

Throughout the years there have been many new characters introduced and even reintroduced by Nintendo in its beloved video games and franchises. Some are lovable,

Kawaii Characters

The Top 10 Cutest Nintendo Characters

 Nintendo has hundreds of games and thousands of characters, so it’s hard to choose the cutest. But we’ve done our best! Here are the top


The Top 7 Cutest Anime Songs

Anime theme songs can make or break your show. The opening theme has to be catchy and upbeat while the ending is usually more mellow.